My Thoughts On Twitter 3/31/20

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#Epidemic of coronavirus, #quarantine—similar to exodus from Egypt, we are preparing to leave Egyptian #ego-slavery—for unification. When we begin to feel our #unity, it means that we left Egypt and came to the land of Israel, to a desire directed straight to the Creator, Isra-el (Yashar-Kel).

The Creator purposely broke the desire He created into many pieces in order to reveal egoism in them (in us), how much everyone thinks of himself. Closeness with the Creator comes through closeness with people, if the intention is to be close to the Creator then He begins to reveal Himself in closeness with the people!

Egypt means caring for oneself, Israel, caring for others and for the Creator, although the Creator does not need anything! The only way to bring Him pleasure is by loving His creatures. The Creator gives me a sign: if I’m thinking of others, then I am striving for the Creator.

Egypt—our current state, when everyone is inside their egoism. But there is the “Land of Israel”—desire for the Creator. Transition from Egypt to the land of Israel, from one desire to another, is called the exodus from Egypt. Pesach (#Passover) from the word “pasach”—”transition.”

Pesach means the end of Pharaoh’s power, exodus from egoism, the authority of the earthly, corporeal nature. Pharaoh rules over the whole of man, besides one thought, one point, one desire, in the heart that unites us with the Creator. We must turn to the Creator through this point and ask Him to pull us out.

Check the statistics: the places where people are close, feeling as part of one society, there are a lot fewer casualties from Coronavirus. The more society is divided, the more are the victims of the virus. As, for example, in a society divided by hatred of the Orthodox Jews toward those different from them!
From Twitter, 3/31/20

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