My Thoughts On Twitter 3/30/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The Creator awakens the coronavirus, putting thoughts in the heads of governments to lock us up so that we would focus on turning to the Creator, the central point of creation, for this entire reality to constrict to a point of request by the creatures, as one man, to one Creator, in a point of connection and adhesion.

From above we are given a reason to unite around one problem, and turn to the Creator with it. This enables us to connect with one another and with the Creator thanks to this awakening from above. Even though this connection wasn’t initiated by the creatures, it is nonetheless credited and included in the general correction.

The #coronavirus is preventing us from doing what we want, and we’re ready to do what’s necessary. We must address the Creator with a request to continue the corrections, mend the bonds between us, clothe into the good connection between us, reveal Himself to humanity.

The Creator has done us a great service by stopping us at the precipice, after we nearly brought the whole world to ruin with our ego. At the last moment, the Creator stopped us with the help of the #coronavirus, forced us to calm down and reflect on life so as to not return to the old egoistic world.
From Twitter, 3/30/20

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