My Thoughts On Twitter 4/4/20

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#Coronavirus reveals the truth behind our relations. If we understand that we can live differently, in harmony with nature, in good relations with each other rising above the ego, we can quickly come out of the pandemic. The virus shows us that we brought the world, nature, out of balance.

We’re finding ourselves in an unwilling dependency on one another: I can be infected by other people, and vice versa. The virus is an indicator of the bad connection between us. It will force us to care for others, and for them to care for us. Thus nature has begun educating us toward mutual understanding and concern!

There’s no going back for us. The old world is dead! We’re going to arrive at a new world, and we’re going to be new people ourselves. Of course, this is going to take place in stages. Just like escaping Egypt. It’s not a simple process, but it’s already begun and it will not stop until the #coronavirus brings us to connection with the Creator.

The virus will act until all people and governments understand that they have to give up egoism and consider themselves one society, one family, one whole. This depends on our attitude to nature: considering it intelligent, the Creator, or disregarding it like before the #coronavirus. Choose … !

The upper force (the Creator) is using the coronavirus to correct the world, change the entire reality, relating to everyone as one body. This great action is meant to unite us, make us into one system, one humanity, one man with one heart, so that we can reveal the Creator.

We live in our feelings. If our relationships are egoistic, this is called life in this world. If they become altruistic, founded on love and unity, this is going to be the spiritual, upper system, the world of the future. Once we feel that we are a single whole, we will cease to feel individual death…

Today, the upper force is leading all nations toward unity, annulment of the ego, obliteration of differences, from an egoistic order to an altruistic one. We’re entering the age of the Moshiach—the upper force extracting us from the Creator-made ego and into His nature—altruism. “Moshiach” from the word “Moshech”—to pull out.

The old world is dead, it doesn’t exist! We are going to arrive at a new world, and we are going to be new people. This is not a simple process, but it has already begun. And it will not stop until the #coronavirus becomes a crown (“corona” means “crown” in many languages, “Keter”), bringing us to a connection with the Creator in all the various forms and on all levels.

All the disturbances on the path of spiritual development are ways in which the Creator wishes to bring us closer. All of His rejections are invitations to draw closer! After all, there are none further from the Creator than us.
And only by drawing closer to the Creator do you begin to feel how truly distant you are. Nevertheless, you are prepared to advance with this sensation of feeling distant.

The #coronavirus epidemic has shown the futility of the #EU. Except for those at the top who benefit from it. It became clear that national egoism cannot be remedied by resolutions about connection and solidarity. Here we need the upper force, and the EU leadership does not have it! The virus will finish off the “unified Europe”!
From Twitter, 4/4/20

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