Period Of Wandering, Part 5

273.02What did the exiled Jews pass on to other nations?

Comment: There is various evidence of the significance of the psychological mixing of Jews with other nations. Winston Churchill wrote: “We owe the Jews…a system of ethics, which, even if it is completely separated from the supernatural, is undeniably the most valuable asset of mankind.”

That is, the Jews somehow passed on the method of connection to others.

My Response: Many famous people write about this. Naturally, without Jewish philosophy, psychology, without Kabbalah, without what they gave to humanity through religion, the world, of course, would have been different.

Question: Our contemporary Rav Kook writes: “After leaving Egypt, the sons of Israel gained their freedom, that is, they achieved their own perfection. However, the general perfection of the human race will be achieved during the time of the Messiah and precisely because of their previous scattering, because through this scattering the Creator began to reveal Himself to the world.”

What did the Jews pass on to other nations in exile if by that time they had lost the ability to unite?

Answer: It does not matter. Reshimot, the remnants of the former union and connection with the Creator, remain in people, and therefore, the Jews stand out from other peoples. They generally cannot disappear because after several generations this Reshimo, an informational record or a spiritual gene, will still appear.

They have nowhere to go. They are obliged to transfer the methodology of connection to other nations. This is their mission, both bonded, because they don’t even know how this happens, why and what for, and conscious, meaning purposeful. In our time, the passing on of knowledge should already be taking place purposefully.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel, Part 5,” 7/15/19

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