Period Of Wandering, Part 3

laitman_571.08Integral Concurrence

Question: When all of the people in the world come to some kind of commonality, as the people of Israel did 3,000 years ago, united “as one man with one heart,” will this manifest itself as a sensory state?

Answer: Yes. We will feel what connects us. A person won’t feel it alone, but the total multitude of people who are united by a single spontaneous movement will feel it as a desire for a specific goal.

Question: Will individuality disappear or, on the contrary, become even more pronounced?

Answer: It is difficult to explain where individuality disappears and where it doesn’t. For example, if I feel that I have a family, children, a wife, and grandparents, there remains a dependence and certain limitations that this community imposes on me. After all, the world is integrated. Therefore, we need to understand that none of us are free.

It is like a big orchestra where everyone plays their own individual part and everything depends on the orchestra’s coherence.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Israeli People’s Development,” 7/15/19

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