Causes Of Depression

laitman_923Question: Can a Kabbalist be simply depressed like any other person in the world? Today millions of people are depressed.

Answer: Yes, but millions of people are depressed because they lack something: food, knowledge, honor, power, etc. They want to achieve something and cannot.

Depression might be due to the fact that that I cannot achieve what I want, or it might be because I have no desires at all.

It is the same in spirituality: either I cannot achieve what I want, i.e., connection with the Creator, revelation of the Creator, or I have no desire for it. And that is the problem.

The fact is that a Kabbalist cannot be depressed like an ordinary person. There is another reason: he cannot reach the Creator. This is not the same kind of depression.

In principle, both corporeal and spiritual depression come from the Creator in order to progress a person. But for someone who is still only on the corporeal level and has no connection with a group, with the science of Kabbalah, with the methodology, it is very difficult to cope with depression.

It takes hold of him and it is unclear when it will pass because he does not have tools to overcome it. And Kabbalah teaches how to overcome these descents and that they are only calls for an ascent.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/27/19

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