How Should A Doctor Choose?

laitman_622.01Question: When infected by the coronavirus, death occurs due to respiratory arrest. There are not enough ventilators. Doctors are now faced with a professional and social choice: Who should get a ventilator?

Imagine that you are a doctor. You have a young patient and an old patient, a rich patient and a poor patient, a celebrity and a homeless person, a patient with a lot of relatives and a lone person, and now you need to disconnect someone and connect someone.

What can you advise from the point of view of a Kabbalist who knows the laws of nature? How can a doctor make a choice? After all, there are no clear instructions.

Answer: What do you mean there are not? If doctors took the Hippocratic oath, then everything is clearly defined.

Remark: They say that psychological traumas on doctors are comparable to the situation on a battlefield.

My Comment: Of course. If a person lies in front of you and you are now making a decision about his life or death, then this is a big problem for you, a big load. I believe that, first of all, it is necessary to save the young and potentially healthy.

Question: It should not guided by the principle of first come first served?

Answer: No. If I have 200 people waiting in line for an operation and 150 of them are old people and the rest are 20-year-olds, then I should naturally deal with the young, and only alleviate the suffering of the rest. This is not only my personal opinion. This is indicated in Kabbalah.

Question: Even if my relative came to me,  as a doctor I should give preference to a young patient over my elderly relative?

Answer: This is another question. If a patient was brought to you from your native village, city, or from another country, it is written that you should take care of those who are closer to you first. This is written in the Torah.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/19/20

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