Bnei Baruch—We Are Responsible For The Whole World

laitman_294.3We live in a special time when the world begins to feel that it must change its attitude to life, to reality, humanity, society, family, to everything. Everyone understands that this is necessary, but no one knows how to do it. Statements by politicians and lawmakers show their complete helplessness. Humanity has exhausted all options and there is no place left to go: people have no attraction to views of the extreme left, right, or middle. The new generation is totally indifferent to it all.

This is a sign that the time has come for the last generation when we are obliged to discover the essence of life for everyone. The Creator has chosen our Bnei Baruch group to realize this goal, giving us such a desire. The desire comes from the light. If a person has become illuminated a little bit by the spiritual world, the desire for spirituality awakens in him or her. And if the light suddenly begins to attract us to corporeal life, then we will drown in corporeality. We all awaken only thanks to the light.

Therefore, if we received such an awakening, we are responsible for the whole world and we are called Isra-El (straight to the Creator). The Creator will not take care of us if we fail to realize this task for humanity. We gather in the convention not only for internal connection but to generate a force with our unity that can attract the whole of humanity. It is necessary to unite very strongly at the convention and attract the light that reforms, which will advance us so that the world will feel that it has someone to follow, that there is a group in which the upper force dwells, Israel, “straight to the Creator,” the group lead by Abraham.1

The world has evolved to a state where it must receive a new force, aspiration, and goal that was previously absent. Until now, the world was moving toward a goal that was material and egoistic, one achievement at a time. That kind of development has exhausted itself. This is evident in the young generation, which is drawn much less to material values. For a complete awakening, only a few more epidemics such as coronavirus are missing. And of course, they will come, because we ourselves awaken them with our attitude.2

I want to be included in Adam HaRishon, in the common system where all souls are connected. I want to feel souls, not bodies, living in a single soul. I must realize such an awakening if I have one, because it is a genuine gift from above, an awakening of a part of divinity from above.

The world needs such a change of direction because it is lost and lacks understanding of where to go next. These are not just signs of the last generation. This is our reality.

Everyone who wants to realize their soul is obliged to connect with other souls. This is how we gather the soul of Adam HaRishon, and after uniting these parts, we will feel spiritual life inside them.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/20 Preparation for the Convention, Part 1
1 Minute 30:30
2 Minute 46:55
3 Minute 1:11:05

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