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Each Of Us Is Responsible

laitman_284.01Crying to the Creator is only possible from the state called “the desert.” The desert is an absence of the Creator between us, no feeling of connection with Him. He disappeared, left us, and all we can do is cry, as it is said: “the voice of the one crying in the wilderness.”1

The Creator cares for us to keep revealing new desires to enjoy from our broken desires, and for us to feel ourselves more removed from the goal with each passing day. This is because the desire opposite to our correction keeps rising every day. We have to overcome this egoism when we find ourselves more and more removed from the goal, losing strength and understanding, falling into despair.

All this advancement goes against our common sense. How is it possible that the more we advance the further away we find ourselves? But all of this works in accordance with the structure of the spiritual Partzuf: the greater the egoistic desire, the more removed from the goal we feel. But the more we overcome egoism and rise above it with the intention to bestow, the closer we are to the goal. Two opposites in one.

Thus, one does not understand what is happening and falls under the power of one’s mood. This is hard work that pulls us in two different directions. But we must persevere, each time strengthening our resolve with our eyes closed, diving into the group, and advancing this way. Every time I find myself removed from spirituality, meaning distanced from the group, I must get closer to it, which means to get closer to the Creator. This is the only way to conquer our evil inclination that is rising day by day. The way I conquer it is not by using my own strength but by turning to the Creator.

The first problem is that the evil keeps becoming greater each time. The second is that I cannot directly fight this growing egoism with my own strength, I must turn to the Creator, whom I do not see, for help. To turn to the Creator is only possible through the group; thus, we must constantly raise the importance of the friends, the group, and continue integrating in them more and more.

There are several important milestones along the way that will indirectly manifest in us on their own, we need to scrutinize, strengthen our resolve, and rise above our mind and feelings. Of utmost importance here is not to give up in this war, not to retreat or despair.2

The cry to the Creator has to be a common cry. That is the difference between religion and the science of Kabbalah. Within a religious framework everyone can cry to the Creator and believe that it will help. And it does, psychologically. But if one truly wants to turn to the Creator, such an approach is only possible through the right system, through a Kli, through love of others, by creating the common soul of Adam HaRishon.

We will be pushed further away from the ten every time. We will have the feelings of neglect toward the friends, our own weakness, hopelessness, and, in general, the meaninglessness of this work. Yesterday for several minutes it was possible to connect to my friends and the Creator, to tie myself together with the group and with the Creator. While today it all seems unreal and meaningless to me.

But if I truly want to reveal the Creator and the purpose of creation, if I anchor myself to the truth, then the truth is above my nature, faith is above knowledge, meaning bestowal above reception. Thus, it is only possible to reach it through exercises like the constant hardening of the heart that manifests itself in the inability to connect in the ten, to build the spiritual Partzuf into the ten Sefirot, the soul.

I am constantly pushed back so that I can make another difficult step forward toward unity. This is how I advance toward the truth. And if today I don’t feel that it is more difficult to connect with the group, then I am not advancing toward the goal. Therefore, it is said: “The opinion of the Torah differs from that of the people.”

People cannot advance in the system when each step becomes harder and harder. This goes against logic and common sense. How can it be that I move forward and it becomes harder and harder for me day by day, the connection becomes more unbearable, as if I am being punished for this work? How can this be advancement?

But this indeed is so, and “the opinion of the Torah,” meaning advancement with the help of the light that reforms, is “opposite to the opinion of people.” People receive new understanding, feelings, and assurances. Here we see a reverse process. A Kabbalist must lower himself to the level of “Shimon from the market” in order to rise to the height of the end of correction.3

We must cherish each friend, but without invading his personality or thoughts, without scrutinizing what is happening to him. We must reassure each person, creating a group atmosphere of concern for all, not anyone individually, but for the whole ten. Mutual guarantee is a field we create with ten Kelim, ten friends.

No one has anything individually! But this is what makes us strong because we want the common strength to be built from nothing. This strength cannot be granted to us, not even by the Creator; only together can we create this power of mutual guarantee. This is what we have to ask for and demand. Let the upper light help us by giving us the strength of support in the group.

The power of support is called mutual guarantee. This is how we assure the group and all of its members that we will not escape, but that we will always be in mutual care because this is what everyone builds their hopes on for the future. This is what the spiritual Partzuf of ten Sefirot will be built on, the soul.

This is why we have been given a state of despair, where we have nothing, so that we can start building our connection from it, our safety belt, the mutual guarantee. It belongs to us because the upper light will come according to our efforts, dressed in them, giving us the power of the mutual guarantee and uniting us in a ten. Then it will be a ten, and we will begin building our Partzuf, the soul.4

Each of us is responsible for the whole Kli of Adam HaRishon. This is the law of working in the perfect system, in spirituality: until the tiniest element, the very last desire is corrected, the whole Kli is uncorrected. This is what is meant by there is no “partial” work in spirituality. We must remember that.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/20,“Common Outcry to the Creator” (Preparation for the Convention in Desert)

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My Thoughts On Twitter 2/22/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Kabbalah doesn’t instruct us to annul the animate egoism, which allows the organism to exist like with animals. It is against egoism that’s aimed at hatred, at using and suppressing others. This is a quality only that man has. It’s this egoism that is opposite to spirituality.

Scientists: the melting icebergs are caused by internal processes at the planetary core. This destroys all the made-up ecological propaganda. Our battle shouldn’t be against parties, but against the egoism that’s common to all of us. Upbringing that is not against others, but against our egoism, will save the planet!

The #EU summit on the budget concluded with no resultthe common negotiations are only showing the differences in positions. The egoism of every EU member state is being exposed more and more, as well as the impossibility for the whole EU to think as one whole.
The period of semi-disintegration has ended with England’s exit. Total disintegration is soon to come!

The only way to acquire the will to bestow is to turn to the Creator with a request to give me that which I have no desire for, but wish to desire. This aspiration to the quality of bestowal is just what I lack. Then comes my request for the Creator to fill this will to bestow with His light.

Attaining the Creator comes from attaining the difference between the black quality of our nature of reception, egoism, and the white quality of the Creator’s bestowal, altruism. In order to attain the whole of the Creator, our egoism has to be revealed more and moreְְ  and to the degree that it obeys, we can feel the quality of the Creator.

Just as we cannot distinguish anything in the white light unless we write our sensations on it in black letters, so in spirituality we need to pay attention to the black letters of our egoism on a white background of the Creator’s light for the sake of unity of all forces of nature—the Creator. Only in being opposite to Him do we attain Him.

The whole of nature that the Creator has made consists of two opposite qualities in each object being studied—this is how all the connections between all parts and characteristics of the world were organized. This is the foundation of the entire creation. (Baal HaSulam)

Only from the attainment of contradictions and opposites in striving to bring them into a single system do we build the Creator within us. Revealing contradictions in the governance enables us to rejoice at the efforts to unite the opposites for the sake of unity of all forces of nature—the Creator.

We have to attain hatred and rejection in order to attain closeness and love. The most important thing is the attainment of unity between opposites!

In the measure of the distance between those who aspire to the Creator will their unity grow. In the measure of the hatred between them will love be revealed. Thus, by taking turns between rejection and unity, in the left and right lines, they will advance toward the Creator in the middle line.
From Twitter, 2/22/20

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Spiritual Acquisition

laitman_947Question: How can one advance on the spiritual ladder practically? What is spiritual acquisition? We learn that Kabbalah is practical work in a ten, but where is that sensation?

Answer: In the ten. By trying to unite into one point at the center of the ten, you enter the state that we call spiritual. Out of ten different qualities, efforts toward unification into a single point, all these qualities, by uniting into one, sum up into what we call “the Creator.”

The instant you reach this and sense that you are in contact with the upper force, you immediately start feeling how you diverge from that central point in the circle, move further away from each other. You distrust, hate, reject, and don’t understand each other. Naturally, your Creator disappears in this as well.

And again you have to come together and try to unite. But this will be at the next level. And again you will reach the point of unity and will feel the Creator, His more internal qualities, in it. It will be the second level of attainment already, and so on.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/12/20

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/1/19

laitman_284Question: How can my thought become like a bridge that connects me and the source of everything, the Creator? Generally, how can a thought make contact with the Creator without attaining Him?

Answer: I am within the Creator. “There is none else beside Him” means that everything I do, say and think now comes from Him, passes through me, while I can only realize that all of this is done by the Creator.

Question: What are the disturbances in perceiving the uniqueness of the upper governing force?

Answer: What we call disturbances are not disturbances; instead, they are help from above, and I must overcome my inaccuracies, doubts, and delusions, and aim myself precisely toward the Creator. This is the right direction, which I am given in this way.

Question: Is there a direct, easy, and pleasant way to reach the Creator?

Answer: It is through the group, through studying together with everyone. This is a relatively easy way.

Question: Why didn’t the Creator create a system without suffering where we would be satisfied with pleasure, would become bored, and then come to Him?

Answer: Try to go that way. Who is stopping you? The Creator did not create suffering. Suffering is created by your egoism, which wants to get everything now and for free.

Question: If the Creator is in a state of absolute rest, what do we call His state when he wanted to create the creation?

Answer: All of this is outside the framework of time. This speaks solely about energy levels. The wisdom of Kabbalah describes only this.

Question: If in a lesson I am holding my entire ten in my thoughts, does this connect us more?

Answer: In everything that you do, you should try to include the ten in your thoughts. With that, at any given moment, you will be connected with the Creator.

Question: What is egoism?

Answer: Egoism is when I am not thinking about the ten or the Creator.

Question: Can I assume that the upper governance, which is exhausting me, will ultimately lead me to a good end?

Answer: I do not think that the upper governance is exhausting you. You are the one who is running around and exhausting yourself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/1/19

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New Life 1187 – The Desire For A Perfect Life

New Life 1187 – The Desire For A Perfect Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, perfection means completing one’s place in all of humanity by helping everyone else to become perfect. Each of us becomes partners with the upper force whose name is perfection. By clinging to one’s surroundings, one learns what is worthwhile to want and starts to feel whole. In a perfect life, no one pulls egoistically toward oneself but passes everything on to others. When humanity corrects itself in this way, all of nature will look perfect.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1187 – The Desire For A Perfect Life,” 12/10/19

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