Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/1/19

laitman_284Question: How can my thought become like a bridge that connects me and the source of everything, the Creator? Generally, how can a thought make contact with the Creator without attaining Him?

Answer: I am within the Creator. “There is none else beside Him” means that everything I do, say and think now comes from Him, passes through me, while I can only realize that all of this is done by the Creator.

Question: What are the disturbances in perceiving the uniqueness of the upper governing force?

Answer: What we call disturbances are not disturbances; instead, they are help from above, and I must overcome my inaccuracies, doubts, and delusions, and aim myself precisely toward the Creator. This is the right direction, which I am given in this way.

Question: Is there a direct, easy, and pleasant way to reach the Creator?

Answer: It is through the group, through studying together with everyone. This is a relatively easy way.

Question: Why didn’t the Creator create a system without suffering where we would be satisfied with pleasure, would become bored, and then come to Him?

Answer: Try to go that way. Who is stopping you? The Creator did not create suffering. Suffering is created by your egoism, which wants to get everything now and for free.

Question: If the Creator is in a state of absolute rest, what do we call His state when he wanted to create the creation?

Answer: All of this is outside the framework of time. This speaks solely about energy levels. The wisdom of Kabbalah describes only this.

Question: If in a lesson I am holding my entire ten in my thoughts, does this connect us more?

Answer: In everything that you do, you should try to include the ten in your thoughts. With that, at any given moment, you will be connected with the Creator.

Question: What is egoism?

Answer: Egoism is when I am not thinking about the ten or the Creator.

Question: Can I assume that the upper governance, which is exhausting me, will ultimately lead me to a good end?

Answer: I do not think that the upper governance is exhausting you. You are the one who is running around and exhausting yourself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/1/19

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