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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The middle line is Man, IsraEl (Yashar-Kel – straight to the Creator), directing me at the Creator. The encounter with the Creator happens in the middle line, where there is no hatred or love, but there is a sensation of adhesion above them. Love is built above hatred, but adhesion is the middle line, their sum.

I must care for the balance of two opposites, not degrading hatred nor love. I attribute both forces to the Creator. I am equally grateful to Him for both of them. I incorporate both of these qualities. I feel that I am independent of them.
I build a point of connection with the Creator—in the middle line.

The middle line is the degree of creation’s adhesion with the Creator. I am neither love nor hatred. I build myself when I understand that there are two forces in existence and I prefer one over the other, since I value the Creator’s qualities more than creation’s qualities. By connecting the two lines, I build myself out of both.

At every moment I have new thoughts and a new attitude to the neighbor—in it, I feel how the Creator relates to me, what He wants to say. By wishing to bring all relationships to unity and love, I thereby respond to the Creator, I converse with Him. This is the beginning of a dialogue, a connection, with the Creator…

Do not ascribe hatred or love to yourself—you receive them from above. But always attribute yourself to the middle line, balancing hatred and love, so they will operate as one whole. One cannot exist without the other. As a creation, I exist between opposites.

When rejection from the group arises over and over again, one must understand that this is a transition to a new degree, which always starts with breakage. That is the only way we can advance and keep rising higher up the degrees of unity and love.

We must rejoice at the evil that is revealed in us: a transgression that hasn’t been revealed cannot be corrected! In one’s spiritual development, one must go through all the stages of hatred till love. It is impossible to love if one has not gone through hatred.
Our work is to turn evil, hatred, into goodness, love.

Egoism in a person comes from one’s oppositeness to the Creator, the force of bestowal, love and unity. Therefore all egoistic qualities, feelings, thoughts and desires that arise in a person are initially given to him so he can exist precisely opposite the Creator.

We are in the Creator, the field of bestowal and love. And there is none else besides Him. We can feel Him only to the extent of our equivalence to Him. If we don’t aspire to feel Him in equivalence to Him, we are urged on by the reverse, negative influence in order to move toward Him. It’s time that we understood this and became wiser

Wherever there is no reflected light, intention to bestow, clothing over direct light, there is no manifestation of direct light, the Creator, as if He does not exist. Therefore, turn all your actions toward acquiring the intention to bestow—in it you will reveal the Creator.
From Twitter, 2/20/20

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“Coronavirus Ship Is A Lesson In The Need For Mutual Responsibility In Israel” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Coronavirus Ship Is a Lesson in the Need for Mutual Responsibility in Israel

Three of the 15 Israelis aboard the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise liner have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and hospitalized in Japan, while extensive efforts are underway to evacuate the others home to Israel.

The help they demanded from Israel during their crisis and predicament raises the questions about the kind of support that the state of Israel should provide its citizens when they encounter certain extreme problems abroad.

While it is usual for the state to be concerned about its citizens’ welfare abroad, hard experience demonstrates that intervention procedures could be arranged in a much more beneficial way, both for citizens and for the country in general.

I completely support the state’s responsibility toward Israel’s citizens, provided it has the necessary infrastructure of mutual responsibility among the citizens themselves and an officially acknowledged governmental organization that would be engaged in handling such matters.

Such an institution could be called “The Office for Mutual Responsibility.”

On behalf of the state, the Office for Mutual Responsibility would be responsible for rescuing every citizen in Israel and around the world in desperate circumstances and finding solutions to the variety of problems that emerge. Every entreaty for help would be satisfied by the force of a potent social atmosphere, orchestrated by the work of this office, to generate positive connection among all citizens.

Currently, there is no such official body in Israel dealing primarily with positive social connection and developing mutual responsibility among the nation’s citizens.

For the most part, Israeli citizens today neglect their relationship with the state, feeling that they owe it nothing—dodging payments wherever possible, and fleeing far away to a distant land if an opportunity presents itself. The general atmosphere is a society of individuals each trying not to be suckers, in a common effort to get the upper hand on others and the state wherever possible. In other words, each person’s sole concern is about himself and how to use others in order to stay one step ahead.

We need to realize as a society that this atmosphere suffocates us.

We have had the highly publicized examples of a soldier getting caught behind enemy lines and a young woman being imprisoned overseas after getting caught with marijuana. In both cases, the parents had to scream loud and long through the media until they garnered enough support to achieve their success.

However, these are the isolated success stories.

Mutual responsibility must become a way of life for everyone, a constant concern for others, and not just a hurried, stop-gap embrace when someone’s need suddenly catches our attention.

Mutual responsibility is a shared sensation of closeness, where we feel committed and belonging to one another—neighbors, colleagues and people on the street—just like we feel toward our own family. I am speaking of responsibility toward all people, society and the state. It is written in our sources that, “Love your neighbor as yourself—it is a great rule in the Torah.” This is the law that should be at the foundation of our society.

As suggested by its name, “The Office for Mutual Responsibility,” this institution not only gives to people when they are in need, it also requires from people when they are capable of contributing.

Members of such a social framework would need to pay their dues in order to sustain it. Therefore, it would require financial contributions, volunteers, and a general atmosphere of giving, wherever and however a person could.

The Office for Mutual Responsibility would function almost like an educational institution whose duty is to make us all feel that we are one big family. Anyone contributing within such a framework would also be worthy of receiving help from it whenever needed.

It is not enough to expect that by paying our taxes and contributing military service, we are entitled to receive help from the state if we are in trouble. Mutual responsibility requires regular learning and contributing with the aim of building a warm network of the quality of relationships that feel similar to a mother’s constant, loving manner toward her children.

Once we establish such a setup within Israel and provide an example of a well-oiled society operating upon the principle of mutual responsibility, a positive rippling effect would spread such a unique form of connection to the rest of the world.


Grasp Where And What You Are

laitman_938.03Question: Is the Creator forcing us to attain Him?

Answer: Of course. Even if I supposedly want to reveal the Creator myself, this also means that He is forcing me.

But why do I need that? Suddenly, in the middle of life, I begin to want to reveal the Creator. It is weird. Usually, a person wants to do something in our world, for himself, to arrange everything normally for himself. This is our usual animalistic egoism.

However, suddenly egoism begins to demand something unnatural—the attainment of the upper force. We see that such a desire for the Creator awakens in a small number of people. It is not even 10-20% of the world’s population that are awakening but literally a handful.

Therefore, these people who feel the desire to reveal the Creator feel that they are somewhat special, although it is unclear if it is for the better or for the worse. They lose the taste for life a little, there is a reassessment of values, and they do not know what to do with themselves.

If the science of Kabbalah is revealed to them at that point, it is like a lifeline for a drowning person, which they can grasp and gradually begin to reveal in themselves where and what they are, and where this incomprehensible, hidden, alluring and at the same time unattainable goal is.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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The Uniqueness Of The Force Governing Us, Part 4

232.1Open Eyes and Heart

Baal HaSulam writes in the Shamati 1, “There Is None Else Besides Him”: And he, who always feels that the shattered is greater than the whole, meaning that there are many more descents than ascents, and he does not see an end to these states, and he will forever remain outside of holiness [striving for the Creator], for he sees that it is difficult for him to observe even in the slightest bit [slightest spiritual action, unite with the Creator both within and without], unless by overcoming above reason.

And only by faith above reason, despite all the confusion that the Creator creates in him, can he do this. But he is not always able to overcome these obstacles and sees that there is no end to them. How will this end?

When a person is completely disappointed in his abilities in order to discover the Creator in everything that exists, including himself, then he comes to the decision that there is no one who can help him—only the Creator Himself.

Indeed, if there is a single force, a single source of everything that is happening, then, obviously, it is only to Him that we have to turn to if we want to change something.

And therefore, a real demand for the Creator is born in a person so that He opens one’s eyes and heart, mind and feelings, and really brings the person closer to merging with Him forever. And this can only be done by the Creator Himself.

When a person begins to realize this, then one realizes that all the previous years and sometimes more, all the conditions that one went through, were not useless. The Creator specially prepared him so that he would have a real demand for Him, that the Creator would open his eyes and heart to him and in reality bring him closer to unity with Himself.

It turns out that all the rejections that he felt came from the Creator Himself, not because the person was bad and did not have the strength to overcome all obstacles and confusions, but specifically to excite the person, to give him the opportunity to seek the path to the Creator and determine exactly who He is.

It is for this that the Creator played with him for many long years so that the person within himself could clearly realize, define, and reveal his correct attitude to the Creator.

And only to someone who really wants to approach the Creator, that is, to someone who does not leave this path in any way despite the fact that he is disappointed every time and sees no end to all the things that happen to him—they give help from above, by not allowing him to be satisfied with small things and staying at the stage of a small, unreasonable child, so that one would not have the opportunity to say that I have some kind of correction technique, some good deeds, and he is be satisfied with this.

A person who is truly striving for truth cannot stop. The person must reach a state when the Creator will reveal Himself in him or her in absolutely full volume.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 11/24/19

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New Life 1181 – Fine Tuning My Frequency

New Life 1181 – Fine Tuning My Frequency
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, in order to understand reality, we must change our desires and thoughts. If we wish to discover the infinite field of light in which we live, we need to be in equivalence of form with it. Rather than feeling our own ego, which is built in opposition to the light, we must make efforts to love others. We both transmit and receive either negative or positive waves in relation to our environment. The more I broadcast good things, the readier I will be to receive good things and the more protected I will become. When we develop the ability to influence others in a loving way by aiming out intentions properly, we begin to absorb the overall positive power of the universe.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1181 – Fine Tuning My Frequency,” 11/26/19

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