My Thoughts On Twitter 2/18/20

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Each of us is like a cogwheel that spins with other cogwheels in a single mechanism, without personal freedom of motion. The common movement moves the wheels toward a single goal. Any resistance to the common movement elicits a general malfunction and problem. Everyone has to reveal this!

I want to sew the friends’ desires together. If I sew the friends’ hearts with each other, connecting them stitch by stitch, I end up with a field where I’ll reveal the Creator. This is my Creator, my field, since I connected their hearts and built my soul.

Bnei Baruch is the Kabbalistic group of the new world, which is now opening the entrance into spirituality for all mankind. Behind us, we are pulling the whole world out of egoism. This is more difficult than individual ascent from egoism, but this is the work of the generation of the Mashiach (=one who pulls out of egoism).

The 9 people in front of me—is 9 upper Sefirot. I am Malchut. I restrict myself, serve them, join them, ready to do anything for them—thereby building a spiritual Partzuf. Mutual guarantee is the condition for the existence of the spiritual Partzuf, bestowal to the Creator, and reception from Him.

I can switch tens every minute—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I annul my egoism and each time accept the ten that’s in front of me instead of my heart. This is called mutual guarantee.

Each one enters the heart of the other. We operate together like cells of one body, and attain the operation of this body in all of its connections. We thereby lift ourselves to the Creator’s degree, attaining the mechanism of this system’s activity; we lift ourselves to the comprehension of the thought of creation, to the Creator’s revelation.

I don’t care who I sit with—it’s always the same ten. There can’t be any more or less in the whole universe. Even if I sat with 8 billion people, it would also be 10, only on a greater scale, to better enable me to discover the details of one Kli. But it’s the same 10 Sefirot!
From Twitter, 2/18/20

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