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“The sons of Israel cried out form this work”—this is a joyful cry—we’ve been liberated from working for the will to enjoy, to which we were enslaved. We have come out to freedom! The Creator is our only hope. We are 100% dependent on him. There is no happier moment than this!

We will reveal the 4 degrees of the Creator’s love for the creatures, prepare from our side a Kli for love, which is possible only inside the group. To the degree of my love for friends, for the ten, I discover the Creator’s love for them and for me, meaning for the ten in which I am included.

If I fall—it means the Creator has pushed me down. And therefore, this descent is sweet to me. I am like a baby in its mother’s arms, annulling myself completely. A fall means that I am no longer governed by my egoism. It has lost interest in me—and I can become a spiritual embryo!

A person tried to perform actions of bestowal, to be included in the right environment, to work on dissemination—and he was disillusioned—his ego doesn’t feel profit. If he goes above egoism, then he continues to act. If pride doesn’t allow him to follow the teachers and the friends, he falls!

The world is a relationship between forces of love and hatred. We make efforts to reveal love within us, but we discover hatred, and then love is revealed again. “There is no righteous man on earth who did good and did not sin.” We reveal both forces of the world!

The four worlds of bestowal and love, ABYA, are four degrees of revelation of the Creator’s love for the creatures. The essence of the Creator does not become revealed—we do not know who He is. We reveal His attitude to us, His love. This is the Creator’s name, HaVaYaH.

As much as I am included in the ten, in love of friends, I reveal the Creator’s love for us. The Creator’s love is infinite—it depends only on the vessel, and the vessel depends on me. I might be in a group of beginners, but if I relate to them correctly, I will reveal the complete force of the Creator’s love.
From Twitter, 2/13/20

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