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Kabbalistic Haiku:
There’s no happier feeling than the powerlessness to exit the ego.
And it is also the redemption from it!

Kabbalistic Haiku:
The heart ceases to think of myself. I start to feel the friends.
Through them—the upper world. In it—the Creator.
He is that which I want! This is my prayer!

Kabbalistic Haiku:
A prayer cannot be sad.
A #prayer is anticipation of correction. A joyful despair.
I have despaired of my own forces. The Creator is my only hope.

A righteous man will fall and get up a thousand times. I may fall, but I will gain experience of how to fall and get up. When a baby learns to walk, he falls and gets up many times. We are getting closer to coming out of Egypt—every new step is more joyful even though it’s more difficult. The salvation lies in our unity.

We do not aspire to despair from the work, but when despair comes, we perceive it as a good sign. Despair is the true Kli. If one reaches despair in one’s own forces, it means a desire has been revealed over which I have no control. From this desire I can ask the Creator.

How do I persuade the Creator to help? In the times of Terach, Abraham’s father, people would pay the priest to buy false protection. This was Terach’s method, whereas Abraham’s method asserts: “Only with love!” If I want to attain spirituality, bestowal, I ask for the friend—and the Creator helps.

Praying for the friend means wanting the Creator to help him. Don’t delve into details, instructing the Creator on how exactly He must help. I pray for the friend if I am ready to give him my Kelim, so he’ll rise and correct himself with them. I am a connecting channel for him.

Spiritual progress depends on how much you assist others’ progress. You attain actions of bestowal, meaning the Creator’s actions, by helping others, obtaining permission for them to enter spirituality. You make efforts to turn yourself into a channel to awaken the friend.

If we want to attain unity like a burning fire, the fire gets ignited by the resistance of the ego-desire, which devotedly executes the resistance. Egoism’s action stops us—this is what it was created for. Even in mutual guarantee we reveal that: we have no chance of coming out of Egypt…!

With a common prayer we draw the upper force to us and rise above our egoism, which is called exodus from Egypt. The spiritual Partzuf is built out of us supporting each other for the sake of attaining the Creator. The Creator is perfect; therefore, we must also build perfection.

The only thing we have in common is the Creator, the common point of Keter. Each of us has unique qualities and we connect only above, in the Creator. When we want to unite with each other on our own, we reach despair, “the sons of Israel cried out from this work.” It is only by virtue of a common goal that we can unite.

The Ego-world is destroying the family. It doesn’t need family since family has ceased to be a foundation, a building block of society. But the Ego-world created and is now destroying the middle class. So who will care for society’s stability?

The end of the system of the world is becoming apparent. The world was considered to be moving toward a good future. But people didn’t take human nature into account—the destructive egoism. Capitalistic development of 500 years has ended with a lack of markets and anti-elite sentiments. This is leading to a world #war or a transition to #altruism.
From Twitter, 2/10/20

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