My Thoughts On Twitter 2/9/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Antisemites have discovered that the #coronavirus is a Jewish invention.
Just like the accusations in the Middle Ages that the Jews spread infectious diseases, and accusations of doctors in the USSR. Our progressive era is throwing us back to the Middle Ages.
#Antisemitism is immortal!

Democracy has outgrown itself, as the case has been in the past with Soviet Russia or Fascist Germany. The same has happened in the USA. Its development has been halted. According to the law of natural development, it leads to Nazism.
But the other side, capital, has expired as well. Nature is compelling a change of its very self…

Egoism grows and kills itself, showing its incapacity to manage a society that becomes increasingly more integral. Nature “outside of us” is leading to integration, while nature “inside of us” is leading to fragmentation. All of this is intended to compel us, people, to change ourselves from egoism to altruism. …Otherwise we will go extinct!
From Twitter, 2/9/20

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