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There you have it—Trump’s impeachment has been annulled. Likewise all the empty threats of the opponents—the Democrats, will disappear. Democracy must be realized not in the lying elite, but in the unification of the nation—among equals, rather than in the left’s  dictatorship. Start by educating the masses, instead of wild demonstrations!

Loss of faith in Democracy —it is digging its own grave! The masses do not see that the framework of Democracy allows them to influence the leaders according to the rules of the system. The elite isn’t concerned with the citizen’s problems, but its own. Egoism is showing us that ONLY IT governs us! It is our only enemy!

Escalating tension between countries, evil resolutions being made, and in general, violation of any resolutions, the warming oceans, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, locusts, viruses and everything else —all of it is the “Egyptian plagues” for all of humanity for its unwillingness to let go of #egoism.

It is impossible for a regular, earthly person to reconcile the world’s problems with human egoism, but gradually they will hear the Kabbalists—or on their own, from the depths of the unconscious, they will realize that only our egoism, ignorance, and lack of a good connection is the reason for ALL our troubles!

Not a single one of us has anything! This is precisely where our strength lies because we want a common force to emerge from this “nothing.” No one can give it to us—not even the Creator. Only we, ourselves, evoke this force by our mutual support, Arvut. This is what we ask for. May the upper light help us!

The force of support is called mutual guarantee. By that we guarantee to the group, to all its members, that we will constantly be in mutual work, to which every person ties his hopes and future—to build a Soul—a spiritual Partzuf in ten Sefirot, an eternal state.

Every person is responsible for the entire soul, the entire Kli of Adam. The law of perfect work in a perfect system, in spirituality is: as long as even one element, the tiniest desire, is not corrected, the whole Kli is not corrected. Regarding this, it is written that there is no such thing as “a little bit” in spirituality.

I am constantly pushed back so that I may take one more difficult step forward, toward unity. That is how I advance toward the truth. If today I do not feel that it is more difficult for me to connect with the group, it means I do not advance toward the goal. “The opinion of Torah is opposite to regular people’s opinion.”

No matter how close we come, we only move farther away. Two opposites in one—this is the structure of the spiritual Partzuf: the greater is the ego-desire, the farther from the goal we feel. The more we overcome egoism and rise above it with the intention for the sake of bestowal, the closer we are to the goal.

It’s possible to cry out to the Creator only from the state of “the desert.” We may have conditions of external comfort, but inside, there is a desert between us—there is no Creator between us, no sensation that we are connected to Him. He disappeared, left us, and all we can do is yell, like the “cry of one who cries out in the desert.”

I may be incapable of perceiving spirituality with my heart and mind, but I know this: I have a shield—my ten. I grab on to this ten like a baby grabs onto his mom and holds on to her. If not for the group, I will fall into this material life as a regular, average person, I will fall out of the spiritual path.

Both the small and the great are attained only by the force of prayer. All the effort and work that we must perform is only in order to reveal the insignificance of our forces, our lowliness, the fact that we are incapable of anything with our own forces because we are then ready to effuse the perfect prayer.

A person who holds on to the friends will withstand the trial. A prideful smart aleck, who moves away from the group, ends up leaving it. The forces of nature allow entry into spirituality for a person who is ready to unite, when both negative and positive forces affect him so he may occupy his place in the soul of Adam.

The more we advance, the more we feel weak, confused and disillusioned in ourselves. We have a clue about the spiritual force that stands before us, but we are not yet able to work with it. “And the sons of Israel cried out from this work.” This is a sign that we are at the entrance into the spiritual world.
From Twitter, 2/5/20

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