My Thoughts On Twitter 2/4/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

There will be thousands of people at the Bnei Baruch convention [in Tel Aviv, Israel February 25th – 27th]—this is a tremendous force. And thousands more all over the world connected by Internet. This is a powerful gathering—together they are a force capable of raising a prayer to the Creator. We ask only for the ability to love the Creator!

I don’t want to lag behind the friends. It appears to me that I hold the friends back from moving toward the goal, becoming a burden for my ten. I therefore pray to the Creator to give me the strength to be included in the friends, to annul to them, to bow down before them
That is how I include myself in them.

The friends succeed in feeling close to one another, but I am incapable of such closeness with them. I ask the Creator for help, knowing that I will never achieve this on my own. I see that the friends have spiritual forces that they received from the studies, lessons and dissemination. What will become of me?

Israel’s function is to be an intermediary between the Creator and the creatures, and it is hence pressured from both sides. Israel exists not for itself, but in order to pass abundance to the nations of the world. The world was created for the nations. They are the goal of creation, while Israel is the Creator’s assistant.

The left have filled the universities. The media is persistently pressuring society, not realizing that it is leading civilization to its demise. This is how civilizations fell in the past as well, under pressure from barbarians. In any case, the next period is one of Kabbalah’s revelation and humanity’s correction by the upper light.
From Twitter, 2/4/20

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