My Thoughts On Twitter 2/1/20

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C. Weizmann in a telegram dated May 14, 1948: “The decision must be made immediately. The gates of heaven have opened for a moment, and if we enter them our state will be established; if not, who knows if we will see its establishment in our day if at all.”
A few hours later, the State of #Israel was proclaimed.

The nation’s stubbornness is spiritual and hence logically inexplicable.
#Trump, with his Middle East policies, has justified the credit I gave him. The Jews love those who abuse and hate them. How much suffering one needs to undergo to leave the left, the Democrats…!

Britain has left the EU. This decision is easy to understand, since two extremes—USA and Russia, are tearing the EU apart. Of all the EU countries, #Britain has always sided with the USA. The Eastern European countries in the EU must soon decide whether to side with Russia or to leave the #European Union.

Britain has left the EU. Johnson promises a national revival. After all, every #EU member state is an egoist and thinks only about its own profit. But this kind of proximity leads to war. If only they instead decided to correct the egoistic relationships… #Johnson is right!
From Twitter, 2/1/20

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