My Thoughts On Twitter 1/30/20

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If every person in the ten thinks about the ten, there is a possibility to let the toy, your ego-desire, out of your hands, and in exchange, to enter the upper world, another reality. The Creator has prepared this wonderful possibility for us. We must only heed the Kabbalists’ advice.

We do not agree to let go of our petty egoism, even though it only causes us troubles. All the problems are nothing other than the Creator’s help for us to come out of egoism.
But no matter how hard we try to take the toy out of the child’s hand, he won’t give it up willingly.

The Creator’s aim is to delight the creatures. We must hence attain the unlimited ability to receive unlimited fulfillment, meaning not limit ourselves. We must attain a desire that is beyond creation, beyond boundaries. This is possible only with the intention of bestowal.

If a person receives a desire from the Creator, the intention to bestow, he acquires an unlimited desire, a spiritual vessel, and to this degree he enjoys bestowal instead of reception. And he is no longer isolated, in the authority of his personal impressions, but in the sensation of perfect, infinite fulfillment.
From Twitter, 1/30/20

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