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Nature is a developing Ego-organism. People must compensate for the Ego-force by having a good attitude to its 4 Ego-levels: still, vegetative, animate, and human. In the absence of compensation of the Ego-force, natural disasters manifest on all 4 degrees. Level 3 is viruses, level 4 is #Antisemitism

Nature is the perpetually developing egoistic desire. Man must balance it out with a good attitude toward the still, vegetative, animate, and especially human nature. Kabbalah explains how to do this. #Jews are responsible for carrying out this rule of nature.

Schoolchildren in #Germany will have to visit concentration camps where they will learn about what was perpetrated in that country at the hands of their parents. But why it happened—that is something no one will be able to explain to them logically! But this is the manifestation of growing egoism on the “human” degree. It must be compensated!

Nature’s unified system is undergoing constant EGO-development. People must consciously balance the EGO by good relationships. Otherwise signs of imbalance manifest in the form of wars, viruses and #Antisemitism—hatred for those who are able to remedy the imbalance. Although they don’t know that!

We are facing a unique, inspiring mission: entry into the spiritual world, into the first sensation of the upper reality that is beyond our current thoughts and desires. This is a very exciting anticipation, an unearthly aspiration that is not from this world since we are entering nature’s true state.

The egoistic force doesn’t disappear, but gets balanced by the altruistic force that is added to it. We will operate with two forces of nature: the negative and positive, the egoistic force of creation an the altruistic force of the Creator, which dresses in us.

The Bnei Baruch group has discerned the last stages before entering Lishma (bestowal) and is standing at the threshold of spirituality. It is not easy to take the last step of Lo Lishma, and the first step of Lishma —this is the Machsom, the boundary of the upper world from the authority of egoism to the desire to enter the authority of the force of bestowal.

The Creator pushes every person forward, but only till a certain boundary, beyond which pressure is impossible. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a person, but an angel. One must place oneself in rigid, iron boundaries and not allow himself to step out of them.
That is how we give the Creator an opportunity to work with us.

When a person frees himself from inner isolation and wants to come out of himself to the friends, the group, the world, he acquires a new perception and feels that outside of him, there is a force, the Creator, who fills everything. To do this, he needs help from the group, the friends, since he is unable to come out of himself on his own.
From Twitter, 1/28/20

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