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A person who studies Kabbalah reveals all the forces that influence us on the spiritual degree. The Creator is the general force. We will find out how to establish reciprocal relationships: He-to me, and I-to Him. The condition of the body does not influence a person’s spiritual states since one attains the perception of the true reality.

Kabbalah is unlike other sciences, which leave a person in this world. A person does not suspect that he enters an open door into a new reality. People enter it not after death, but during life, by expanding their perception and thereby starting to perceive a reality that exists on another level.

Despite all of the summons and campaigns to counter #Antisemitism, it rises and falls like waves, following the laws of nature. Antisemitism is a law of nature, originating from the opposition of two forces in nature—bestowal and reception. Its purpose is to push egoists toward the quality of bestowal!

It is known that in our times, the most egoistic souls are joining in the correction. Hence the stages of their correction are lengthier, the descents are more difficult. This makes the group’s support all the more necessary for every person the group’s care about every person’s state in their descents—attentiveness to the friends!

Man was created only from egoism and all his desires and thoughts are only for base things. Likewise he comes to equivalence with the Creator with all of his egoistic desires and thoughts—only by changing their intentions from “for myself” to “for the Creator.” As low as he was, that is how high he rises!

Egoism’s presence is necessary in spiritual work for the Creator. If a person has no egoism, he cannot have spiritual work! That’s because one comes closer to the Creator only above transgressions. Man rises above beast by virtue of egoism’s development in man.

The people of the world today are experiencing a state of uncertainty, the sensation of a world that is going away and the uncertainty of a world that is coming into being. Perhaps it is already here, but I am yet unable to feel it? How can I acquire a sensation of it, understand it, recognize it? For the first time, this is everyone’s problem.

The sensation of light always originates from the sensation of darkness and the Creator’s greatness is revealed. All work therefore begins from the sensation of darkness. Good is always revealed only from evil. The Creator is exalted in us only by transitioning from darkness to light. The most important thing is not to despair during the darkness.
From Twitter, 1/27/20

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