My Thoughts On Twitter 1/22/20

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Any authority is egoistic. Society must be constantly taught to unite above both the particular and general egoism. Uniting society while its egoism is constantly growing—this must be the number one concern of governments. Otherwise everything is developing toward its own demise.

By using the world for the sake of delighting the Creator, you see a spiritual world. Your interactions with others and with the Creator become clearer—you reveal a network of forces, relationships, thoughts, intentions, and influences. This network is the only thing in existence. Our world “dissolves” in it since it doesn’t determine anything.

Dwelling in constant adhesion with the Creator is, during any action, thinking about what to do inside of you, that is, in the connections with the friends, inside your soul, in order to give pleasure to the Creator. It is greater the more I ask the Creator for help to correct my soul.

“From love for the creatures —to love for the Creator.” By giving pleasure to the friends, I give pleasure to the Creator. The pleasure I awaken in the Creator can be measured by the kind of correction I attained and the kind of lights I receive inside my corrected desire.

In spirituality nothing is ever passed to the upper one—everything is inside our Kli, it is the only thing we correct and fill, and we can therefore check what kind of pleasure we give the Creator, how we correct ourselves for the sake of unity and mutual bestowal to one another.
From Twitter, 1/22/20

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