How To Cleanse The Justice System And Who Is A True Judge?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 1/16/20

In the contemporary world, full of controversial views and attitudes, the system of justice holds one of the most important niches. However, it happens that behind the perfectly created judicial system there is a personal interest, corruption, or the influence of the most powerful in this world.

Is there a way to “cleanse” the system of justice and who is actually considered to be a judge?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a judge is a person who is above any authority or external influences. He operates the facts and considers the laws of nature as the main tool for solving the case. You can’t bribe him or ask for a “private” conversation. He is a judge, and he does his job.

What are the laws of nature that a true judge must follow operating at the court?

They are laws of integral nature. The solution for each case shouldn’t be simply ‘justified’ or ‘punished.’ The true solution and purpose for every trial are bringing a person to a good and decent connection with other people, i.e. “love covers all transgressions.”

If this kind of correction is not reached at the end of the court, then there was no court.

My Thoughts On Twitter 1/16/20

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Abraham is the connection between Bina and Malchut, the father of the nation, since he transmitted Bina‘s qualities to Malchut. Abraham broke the ego, the idols, showing that one must worship Bina, bestowal, rather than Malchut, reception. Bestowal becomes our God, and this is the whole difference between Abraham and Nimrod.

He thus revealed the method of connecting to the Creator and started teaching it to others— that is how the nation of #Israel came to be.

Worshiping the Creator means revering the force of unity. All the commandments aim us at unification in the ten, so all ten people will reach union in the group. This is the essence, meaning and aim of the commandments, because we must correct the broken vessel and attain adhesion, Dvekut.

Starting with the “fall of man,” the egoistic desire appeared in Ancient Babylon, and #Israel is obligated to correct its egoistic desire to an altruistic one. This is the generation of Abraham, the force that divided humanity into two parts, by the appeal “Those who are with the Creator—come to me!” and “Love will cover all transgressions.”

The inhabitants of Ancient Babylon are called “the generation of strife.” This was a time when the entire common soul of Adam HaRishon divided into two parts: Galgalta Einaim and AHAP, the desires of the “head” and “body,” Israel and the rest of the nations of the world. Babylonian society split into these two camps.

#Israel, through its unification, transmits the light that reforms. The nations of the world awaken and begin their correction, demanding more and more light from Israel, until all unite in one soul, as written, “My house will be called the house of prayer for all nations” (Psalms).

All of humanity is one great vessel, desire, the soul of Adam HaRishon.
It cannot be corrected at once as a whole, and hence in order to be corrected, the vessel divides into Israel and the nations of the world. If the part of the soul that is #Israel is late with its correction, the “nations of the world” put pressure on it.

Every person who has received an awakening to spirituality in our times belongs to the part of the common soul called “Israel” (Yashar-Kel), “straight to the Creator.” He must hurry up with his correction since his primary work is to help the rest of the desires, the nations of the world.
From Twitter, 1/16/20

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Attaining The Creator In The Center Of The Group

laitman_938.04Question: On our path, we should go through moments of hatred. If hatred is not revealed, is it a sign that we are not advancing?

Answer: We should not wait for any negative feelings. If we do not have them so be it. We just need to move toward the center of the group and persistently look for the Creator in it.

Our work is very simple. As Baal HaSulam writes in the article “Arvut” (Mutual Guarantee), the Creator brings a person to the group, places his hand on the correct path and says “Take it.”

Now in the group, we just need to increase the influence of the environment on us until we will attain the Creator in the center of the group. That’s it! There is nothing else!

We will see that the world around us is all fiction. All of it is the illusory world (Olam ha Medume). There is only the ten and the Creator within the ten. I want you to leave the convention with this thought, with this truth.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, “Collecting All the States Toward the Creator,” Lesson 7

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“How Parents Can Prevent Their Children Cutting Them Off” (KabNet)

KabNet published my new article: “How Parents Can Prevent Their Children Cutting Them Off

When my late mother lived alone in her older years in Canada, I did everything I could to find her the best place to live.

My son, who also lives in Canada, would send me pictures and videos of her, as he was well aware of my concern for her, and regularly updated how she was getting along and felt. This continued until the very day he sadly informed me of her passing.

Today, there is a phenomenon where adult children cut off their parents. Sometimes it is due to physical or emotional abuse they suffered in childhood, but it is also often related simply to money. The older children feel that their parents fail to provide them with the money they wanted or expected, and so the children scrap the parents from their lives, cutting them off from their grandchildren as well, sometimes to such extremes where they even tell their children that their grandparents are dead.

“It is our duty to our children to sustain a parallel relationship of being both their friends and their teachers.”

Over the years, I have closely observed how my wife raises our children. She made it clear to them that they could get everything they needed from us. Every cent we earned was for them, and this is also how it is today when they are grownups with families. Also, we have organized our savings and assets to be handed over to them when we leave the world. They are well aware of our investment in them, and how much we sacrifice for them, and they also discuss it openly among themselves.

At the same time, they have never been spoiled. It has always been made clear to them that they had to pay for everything they received in one way or another. For instance, we paid for their university studies monetarily, and they had to “pay” for those same studies with their full investment and focus.

It is very likely that this is an outcome of the culture we were raised in. Nevertheless, however, it is a healthy and correct approach. Both of my daughters completed their national service, and each served the full two years. My point is that my children have always received my full support, but also a deliberate hand, which demands accountability, responsibility and effort.

It is our duty to our children to sustain a parallel relationship of being both their friends and their teachers. With such an approach, we prevent an attitude forming toward us as being something to use and discard of, i.e., where they perceive their parents as a mere ATM machine and a kitchen.

This is why it is beneficial for parents to spend time with their children: to talk with them, listen to them, and do the things that they enjoy doing together, i.e., becoming friends to a certain extent. Also, the children need to have a certain extent of fear in losing their parents’ positive attitude toward them if the children display contempt and laziness.

Such a relationship prevents any desire for children to cut their parents out of their lives. Why would anyone want to abandon anything that provides a sensation of confidence, security, safety, empowerment and warmth in their lives, especially in today’s turbulent times?

Our parents can be the closest people in our lives. Even today, I see my wife behaving similarly with our grandchildren. They get along very well, openly and honestly discussing everything together.

Education is conducted not by words, but by sensation. When children are impressed by a genuine person-to-person relationship, it is recorded in their hearts, and they naturally emulate it in their relationships with others.

The examples we receive at home as we grow up later affect our every relationship in life. The general principle is as follows:

  • the way that you relate to your parents is the way that your children will relate to you,
  • the way that you relate to your siblings is the way that your children will relate to each other, and
  • the way that you relate to your children is the way that they will relate to their children.

Meaning Of Life, Part 4

laitman_543.02Each Has One’s Own Meaning of Life

Question: Why isn’t the meaning of life taught to us at school?

Answer: What can teachers answer to this question?

Remark: In religious schools, for example, they would answer that the meaning of life is in the revelation of the Creator.

My Comment: Indeed, religious people say so. Therefore, today a lot of people return to religions where they find some mystical comfort, which somehow answers this question.

Remark: Secular people would say that the meaning of life is in creating a good family, in love.

My Comment: This is not the final goal. It all ends. Even psychologists and physiologists say that all relationships disappear in a few years.

People remain together only because of children and common property. In principle, no special mutual feelings remain, only mutual responsibilities.

Question: Does it mean that love and family cannot be the purpose of life?

Answer: No. There are many works of psychologists on this subject. Any good relationship between a man and a woman does not last more than three, even two and a half years. After that, we cool down. That is how we are built. However, there are children, a common household, for which it is worth living together.

Question: Why is the meaning of life not the same for everyone? Everyone has their own.

Answer: What you mean is not the meaning of life but whatever a person uses to clog themselves with. For example, scientists believe that it is necessary to pursue science, for creative people it is art. Some people think we should raise children to be happier than we are, and so on.

That is, each person comes up with a meaning of life that calms him and gives him a sense of existence. In fact, it is just a “calming pill” and nothing more.

In order to really reveal the meaning of life, you have to do a lot of internal searching, digging, until a person finds the wisdom of Kabbalah and begins to really explore the meaning of life with its help. The meaning is in understanding the root, the source of life. Only there will you find the answer to this question.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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Freedom Of Choice, Part 6

laitman_760.1“Fate” from the point of view of Kabbalah

Question: From the point of view of Kabbalah, there is such a thing as fate. Can I change it?

Answer: Fate was originally inherent in each of us, meaning what state we must achieve. Only the style of movement toward this goal, toward our final state, depends on us, nothing other than that.

All the same, I will surely come to the state that is outlined for me, and even now I exist in it. Actually, I am there, but for the realization of my freewill I am here.

Question: Usually we say that fate cannot be changed. Does this mean the ultimate goal: to become like the Creator, to reach complete correction? Is this the fate of every person?

Answer: This is freewill, which expresses an understanding of the Creator’s program, agreement with it, devotion, and effort, when you want to justify this program, when you agree with it, although moving toward this goal is usually against your egoism.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/4/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/16/20

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati 70 “With a Mighty Hand and with Fury Poured Out” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot,”  Item 12

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Selected Highlights

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