Meaning Of Life, Part 4

laitman_543.02Each Has One’s Own Meaning of Life

Question: Why isn’t the meaning of life taught to us at school?

Answer: What can teachers answer to this question?

Remark: In religious schools, for example, they would answer that the meaning of life is in the revelation of the Creator.

My Comment: Indeed, religious people say so. Therefore, today a lot of people return to religions where they find some mystical comfort, which somehow answers this question.

Remark: Secular people would say that the meaning of life is in creating a good family, in love.

My Comment: This is not the final goal. It all ends. Even psychologists and physiologists say that all relationships disappear in a few years.

People remain together only because of children and common property. In principle, no special mutual feelings remain, only mutual responsibilities.

Question: Does it mean that love and family cannot be the purpose of life?

Answer: No. There are many works of psychologists on this subject. Any good relationship between a man and a woman does not last more than three, even two and a half years. After that, we cool down. That is how we are built. However, there are children, a common household, for which it is worth living together.

Question: Why is the meaning of life not the same for everyone? Everyone has their own.

Answer: What you mean is not the meaning of life but whatever a person uses to clog themselves with. For example, scientists believe that it is necessary to pursue science, for creative people it is art. Some people think we should raise children to be happier than we are, and so on.

That is, each person comes up with a meaning of life that calms him and gives him a sense of existence. In fact, it is just a “calming pill” and nothing more.

In order to really reveal the meaning of life, you have to do a lot of internal searching, digging, until a person finds the wisdom of Kabbalah and begins to really explore the meaning of life with its help. The meaning is in understanding the root, the source of life. Only there will you find the answer to this question.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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