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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It is precisely the dissemination of the method of unity among the nations of the world, the general movement toward one goal, an explanation of nature and the causes of #Antisemitism as the moving egoistic force toward the goal of creation that will divide all those who study Kabbalah into two parts.

With our unity, we draw the light that reforms, Hassadim, which pours out between us—and we are like in a cloud of mercy. The upper light of Hochma descends in order to advance us—does not enter as a knife, since it clothes into Hassadim, and by equivalence of form reveals the Creator to us.

By uniting, we awaken mercy, the light of Hassadim in the world. The light of Hochma, which comes to propel Isra-El and all of humanity toward correction, enters the light of Hassadim, which we have prepared from below. Hassadim comes from below, and the light of Hochma comes from above. Everything depends on our unity.

Baal HaSulam knew what would happen in Germany and tried to save the Jews. They did not allow him to do this and perished. They could not change anything: a certain period of time is allotted for freedom of choice, to make a decision. Once the decision is made, the authority is transferred to the force of correction by way of suffering.

Israel is us, those who aspire toward the Creator.
Torah is the upper light that directs us and all of humanity around us.
The Creator is the force that’s revealed in the center of the group, in the center of our efforts.
The result of correction is the unity of all creatures and the Creator’s revelation in them.

While in the middle line, we turn the ship’s steering wheel correctly, which must always be aimed at the central point: the unity of Me – Us (the ten, all of BB) – Humanity, as one whole. Then the one single force in the world, the Creator, will be revealed in us.

To steer the wheel is to strive for the middle line so that “all crimes” on the left side are “covered by love” on the right. The middle line will arise in the middle. We do not destroy the left line—those who disagree. We look at how criticism awakens those who agree, helping them to make the right choice.

The mankind ship will tilt, first to the left, then to the right. And if with the help of our efforts we manage to turn the steering wheel, this huge ship will go in the right direction. This is what our work is about—to feel responsible and lead the process of correction.

In reality, no one can have himself corrected and achieve the goal on his own. But, if we act together, as Rabash and Baal HaSulam advise, a path opens before us. Moving forward, we are thrown to the left, then to the right line. We though must make our progress in the middle line.

No one has a patronage from above, but there is a privilege—the opportunity to get involved in the process of correction, to discern all the pros and cons of this process, and to advance consciously, by consent. And consent always comes from disagreement, like the light is revealed from darkness.

Inside of our unity, we will clearly reveal the upper force, the Creator. There are only two forces in the world, which must be brought into balance. This balance is what we create in the group by our unity. The method of Kabbalah is very practical and specific, and we can implement it.

There are two forces in nature: the positive and the negative. The positive force of unity is concealed, while the negative force of egoism is revealed. If we in the group aspire to unite above egoism’s rejection, then the positive force awakens and helps us, that is how we advance toward unity.

There is a simple method to attain unity: we awaken the force of unity by connecting among us above our egoism, in spite of it. To the extent of this connection, we reveal the force of unity between us, which is called “the Creator,” revelation of the upper force.

We must study how to reach correction and awaken the whole world to it. The whole world divides into two parts: those who work for idols and those who work for unity. The upper force is unity, unification. Bringing all of nature to complete unity is the upper law of nature.

If we don’t convince #Jews in the world and in Israel to start uniting, there will be harsh, unprecedented sanctions directed at Israel from all nations, including the USA. In Israel, we will feel like we are under siege. And if we don’t unite, we will be thrown out of this land.

American Jews are admitting that the problem of #Antisemitism is escalating in a menacing way. The courts, prisons and police in America are standing on their guard. But in the case of Antisemitism, the government’s actions and attempts to extinguish Antisemitism will have no effect. Because here we are dealing with a law of nature.

#Antisemitism is the sensation in the nations of the world of the need to receive the light through the unity of the Jews. The most vehement Antisemites are precisely the ones who will join the Jews, as soon as the Jews unite—and the purpose of creation is then revealed. We have already seen such drastic turns in history.

The upper forces are organized such that only the nation of Israel, the group gathered by Abraham from all the nations, is coming together again—all the paths are opening up before it. There are no obstacles, the forces of nature are ready to assist it to raise it to the spiritual degrees. And after it, all of humanity will happily unite as well.

The law propelling humanity toward unity, operates in a harsh and cruel manner. It first of all pressures those who must be the first to lead humanity, the one nation that is obligated to do this work, to become the pathbreakers on this path and lead the whole world along with them.

Since the times of the ARI (16th century), Kabbalists say that we have entered the era of egoism’s final correction. The nations of the world are pressuring the nation of Israel—this pressure is intended to obligate us to unite by way of suffering if we do not wish to advance toward the correction on our own, running ahead of their pressure.
From Twitter, 1/6/20

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“Solidarity March In New York City: From Hatred And Fear To Love And Unity” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Solidarity March in New York City: From Hatred and Fear to Love and Unity

As fear still ripples throughout the Jewish communities of Monsey, Brooklyn and Jersey City following the recent string of anti-Semitic attacks, today’s Solidarity March in New York City, organized by the UJA Federation, aims to counter the negative sensation head on, and bring the Jewish people together “proud, united and strong.”

My students in New York City will also be joining the march. As an act of unity aiming to support all Jews in New York City, it can have a certain positive effect, since unity of any kind acts throughout nature.

For instance, if secular and religious Jews walk side by side in a common identification, then it can bring a very brief moment of correspondence with the force of nature, which connects all parts of reality. Such short-lived unity can thus bring a temporary sense of relief from the rising anti-Semitic sentiment.

However, marches and demonstrations play no long-term role in preventing anti-Semitism’s future rise, and will thus fail to secure a positive future for the Jewish people.

For instance, a memorial march followed the Pittsburgh massacre with thousands of attendees. However, despite the march, a continued rise in anti-Semitic incidents in the US followed. The ADL reported a near-mirror of 785 reported anti-Semitic incidents in the first six months of 2019, which closely mirrored the 780 reported incidents in the same period a year earlier. Also, in New York City alone, anti-Semitic crimes rose 21% in the past year. Thus, as anti-Semitism has been exponentially increasing the past few years, it can be expected to continue increasing regardless of any marches and demonstrations.

Standing together in a march of solidarity is an admirable act, but if the Jewish people want to solve anti-Semitism at its root, they need to also sit down and learn together. Learning in groups has been part and parcel of what made us Jewish to begin with. It dates all the way back to when we learned how to unite according to the commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself,” under Abraham’s guidance some 3,800 years ago. Marches, on the other hand, have never been a Jewish activity.

Therefore, while we are in solidarity with the Jewish people of New York City today, we should still recognize that unifying in order to “say no to hate and no to fear,” as mentioned in the march’s promotion, is far from the kind of unity that made us a Jewish people to begin with. The essence of our unity is not reactionary to hatred that rises against us, but that we positively connect with a common intention to equalize ourselves with the laws of nature. This is why we received the name, “the people of Israel” under Abraham’s guidance: “Israel” stemming from the words, “straight to the upper force” (“Yashar Kel”), i.e., a common intention to love and bestow as is the quality of the upper force.

Therefore, I hope that we will realize the immense potential we hold: to learn our important role in the world, and not wait for more acts of hatred and fear to momentarily unite us, but that we will take our future into our own hands, implement the method made for uniting us, and become a positive unifying example to the world. We would then have a very good reason to be proud. By doing so, we would uproot anti-Semitism from its root, and witness a complete inversion of the sentiment surrounding us into one of support, encouragement and appreciation.

Only With Help From Above

laitman_962.6Each one of the ten people in the ten will say something different; coming to a common prayer is possible only with the help from above. But help from above will not come until we ask. What stops us from asking? We all have one obstacle: our stony heart does not want to feel any other; it is incapable and unprepared for it. The reason is the Creator himself, who stands between us and disallows our unity until we ask properly.

It is He who interferes with us because He created the evil inclination. Therefore, we need to beg Him, scream, and pray that “My sons defeated Me” will be fulfilled. We already stand right on this threshold; we only need to strike a common blow to convince the Creator. He wants this and waits, but He tolerates and restrains us, suffering more than we do.

It is necessary to think over this attack, as if during war, to mobilize all means and forces for this request, to constantly cry, ask, and annoy the Creator without ceasing to feel that it is He who stands in our way and does not let us. You must think about it together 24 hours a day. Suppose we do not feel each other, but we can feel this common point for us: the Creator, who interferes with our union. And everything is achieved only through connection—the beginning of the soul is there.

This is called “breaking through the Machsom.” The Creator stands on the border of the spiritual world, and we need to convince Him to let us in. He is not our enemy, but only insists on this condition: connection, unity, and mutual support. It is necessary to invest all our time to this effort, pushing our way toward the answer, constantly beating at one point.1

No one is ready for this work, and the bigger the person, the bigger is his ego. But despite your disappointment, you need to help each other and rise again. We must not think about our failures but about how to awaken the hearts of our friends. Then, there will be no problems. If I take care of sick friends, I will forget about my own illness, like a mother caring for a sick baby. So, I will recover quickly.2

The Creator does not hear one person but at least two, and even then, only under special conditions. But He will certainly hear the ten if it addresses Him as one person. In the spiritual world, a single unit is ten united as one.3

We all speak different words, even in different languages, but the essence of our request is the same: we ask the Creator for one thing—connection. First of all, we want to connect, and from our unity, we will already understand what we need. What do we then want? We then want even bigger and stronger connection. And so it is every time, more and more, nothing but this. This must all be done by the Creator: “He who makes peace above will make peace upon us and upon all Israel.”4

To turn to the Creator means to imagine that you are under a sphere that covers you and determines everything. Then I turn to this desire, to the power of this sphere that organizes and controls our entire life to the final finest detail, to the smallest molecule in my body. I ask this force to bring my life in line with this sphere in order to exist in harmony with it.5
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/19, Writings of Rabash, “What to Look For in the Assembly of Friends”

1 Minute 5:10
2 Minute 9:55
3 Minute 19:26
4 Minute 28:45
5 Minute 32:35

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In The Middle Of The Battlefield Between The Forces Of Good And Evil

laitman_263The war between the Hasmoneans and the Greeks is an internal war in a person who discovers that he consists of two opposing forces that must be constantly held against each other. The problem is that we surrender to the negative forces, to our egoism, since it is more convenient for us to please it than to fight with it all the time. As a result, a person understands that there is no way out and that he must turn to the Creator to fight for him because he himself is unable to fight with his evil inclination, which also comes from the Creator. An action against egoistic forces is the appeal to the Creator in which a person, with his egoism, wages a war against the Greeks toward complete victory.

This war does not end until a person wins and reaches the light. Let this be a little light in the vessel of Bina, but this is already the beginning of the revelation of the soul.

First of all, we must reveal that we are in danger and cannot escape from the power of our egoism, which does not let us turn to the Creator. This whole war is only for turning to the Creator, whom we ask for the strength to unite. The success of the war is measured by this only. This is how we advance until we win.1

The egoism does not let us turn to the Creator through the ten, but does not prevent us from turning to Him personally. The whole world appeals to the Creator because this is a Klipa, opposite to spirituality. The Creator can be revealed only through the ten, and if the appeal is not through the ten, then it is not to the Creator.

The power of the appeal to the Creator is the power of the Maccabees, the power of the ten. First of all, we must unite and create one common force, perhaps small yet a precise one, which will deliver success.

You can become a hero through quantity and quality. Those who are disconnected are strong in numbers. And those who are united as one person possess the power of quality.

The main thing is to get an opportunity to turn to the Creator because this whole war is aimed at revealing the one standing before us and achieving similarity to Him. Unity is not the end goal but the means of revealing the higher power that once created this unity and then broke it.2

The Hanukkah song “The Mighty Rock of My Salvation” says: “The Greeks attacked us in the days of the Hasmoneans and broke through the wall of the tower… .” This means that we must reach a certain level of connection, build a tower. And then we will feel how the “Greeks” attack us, break through the walls of our fortress, meaning, egoism attacks trying to break through our thoughts, desires, and destroy us.3

If in our ten we want the greatness of the Creator to enter into our whole being, affecting us as if we actually see Him and feel Him, then we attract the returning light that builds this feeling within us. Thus, we are already behind the fortress wall. And then the Greeks appear, wanting to break through the walls of our tower, meaning, these are all kinds of extraneous thoughts from all directions trying to break through our faith above reason.

Faith above reason—because inside my reason I do not see or feel anything. I received a backlight from above that keeps me in the air like a magnet holds a piece of metal. Thanks to this, I am in the tower behind the wall. This tower and the wall were built for me by the upper light, so, I depend on it.

In order to make me even more dependent upon the upper light and demand even more strongly, the Creator reveals in me faults called “the Greeks.” And I must ask Him and demand that He again performs a miracle and lets me stand against them. Of course, I do not have the strength, and if the Creator does not perform a miracle, I will certainly fall. Therefore, I have nothing to hope for except for the Creator.

Everything works according to one system: the Creator does something bad, I ask Him to correct this evil, and He does good. And so it happens at every step. Every time the same story occurs. We must finally understand how this happens and what needs to be done today: how to turn to the Creator asking for the power of faith above reason in order to advance with it.

The Creator builds a wall, and He sends the Greeks to destroy it. The Creator operates everywhere, and we are in the middle of this battlefield, between the powers of good and evil in order to combine them both within. Then we, as beings created by the force opposite to the Creator and having received a form similar to the Creator, become one with Him.4

We must ask for faith above reason because this is the wall behind which we can hide. And the tower is the greatness of the Creator built inside the wall—the faith above reason higher than our reason and feelings—only thanks to the prayers to the Creator and His actions. We only need to cry out together. If we ask together, we will certainly succeed.

Therefore, we need to bring together our knowledge, prayers, aspirations, and desires, in order to understand exactly what we want. Everyone should separate as much as possible from their own “I” and take care of the tower and the wall, that is, the greatness of the Creator which is inside faith above reason.5
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/19, “Hanukkah”

1 Minute 3:40
2 Minute 6:10
3 Minute 11:20
4 Minute 14:58
5 Minute 23:20

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New Life 1124 – Mental Resilience

New Life 1124 – Mental Resilience
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Only trusting oneself is false because only a bond of mutual responsibility can really give a person mental resilience. When we base our relationships on the principle “love thy neighbor as thyself,” we become equivalent to the mutual, integral connection that is inherent in the upper force. Through this force of influence, we acquire faith in the collective strength of the group to the extent that no one would have to think of himself. When people connect in an integral way, they discover the upper force and see the future.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1124 – Mental Resilience,” 6/18/19

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The Method Of Correction, Part 4


How to Fulfill the Law of Nature

Question: “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the ultimate goal of nature. But there are still preliminary laws, one of which is “Do not do to others what you do not wish for yourself.” What does that mean?

Answer: This is not about love but about not doing evil. This is our first law.

Remark: Man cannot do this either. If I am an egoist, then by taking care of myself I still cause harm to someone else. It turns out that we are given laws that we cannot comply with from the start.

On one hand, it says you must do this, and on the other, you cannot do this because it is against your nature.

My Comment: If you have any inclinations, aspirations, and desires for this, if from studying Kabbalah you realize that you need it and that this is truly a universal goal, that you cannot get away from it, and you also understand how the entire world has to reach this, then you must seek a way to realize it.

However, it can only be done with the help of the upper force, which will give us the ability to act above our nature.

Suppose we have a piece of iron in front of us. Earth’s gravity pulls it down. If I put a magnet over it, the iron will rise and hang in the air. That is, both forces will be balanced and the piece of iron will be between them.

Similarly, if my egoism is placed below and an opposite force is used over it, then I will “hang” in the air and the egoism will not have power over me, I will be independent of it, somewhere in the middle. If the upper force is so strong that I cleave to it and all my egoism remains below, then I will become a totally righteous person.

So, we need to discover this force in order for it to affect us. That is all there is.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/6/20

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “”The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism,” Chapter 3

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom” 

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