The Method Of Correction, Part 4


How to Fulfill the Law of Nature

Question: “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the ultimate goal of nature. But there are still preliminary laws, one of which is “Do not do to others what you do not wish for yourself.” What does that mean?

Answer: This is not about love but about not doing evil. This is our first law.

Remark: Man cannot do this either. If I am an egoist, then by taking care of myself I still cause harm to someone else. It turns out that we are given laws that we cannot comply with from the start.

On one hand, it says you must do this, and on the other, you cannot do this because it is against your nature.

My Comment: If you have any inclinations, aspirations, and desires for this, if from studying Kabbalah you realize that you need it and that this is truly a universal goal, that you cannot get away from it, and you also understand how the entire world has to reach this, then you must seek a way to realize it.

However, it can only be done with the help of the upper force, which will give us the ability to act above our nature.

Suppose we have a piece of iron in front of us. Earth’s gravity pulls it down. If I put a magnet over it, the iron will rise and hang in the air. That is, both forces will be balanced and the piece of iron will be between them.

Similarly, if my egoism is placed below and an opposite force is used over it, then I will “hang” in the air and the egoism will not have power over me, I will be independent of it, somewhere in the middle. If the upper force is so strong that I cleave to it and all my egoism remains below, then I will become a totally righteous person.

So, we need to discover this force in order for it to affect us. That is all there is.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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