The Method Of Correction, Part 2

laitman_570Kabbalah—The Key to the Laws of Nature

Question: Why did nature create us as egoists and opposite to it? What is the purpose?

Answer: So that precisely because of our egoism, we become aware of how terrible we are as creatures.

The question arises: if we see that our egoism is the only obstacle toward achieving an eternal, perfect life, how can we correct it? How, with the help of the ego, can we change ourselves, society, the environment, everything?

At this point, a need emerges to actually change ourselves. There are many different methods, theories, and ideas on this topic, including religious and non-religious, mystical, Eastern, etc.

One of these methods is Kabbalah. It stands quite apart from everything else because it emerged long before their inception, 6,000 years ago. According to Kabbalah, there was a man named Adam. He was the first to comprehend the whole matrix, the whole system of nature, and he unraveled its plan, its beginning, its course, and the end.

Adam laid the foundation for the science of Kabbalah. His students were Sim, Ham, Yaphet, and others who were allegorically described in the Torah. They continued to develop this science up until Abraham in ancient Babylon.

Kabbalah speaks of how to unite above oneself, over one’s egoism. In this case, we will begin to feel the general power of nature, its overall picture. It will become clear to us that nature is eternal, perfect, infinite, and most importantly, integral and whole.

If we treat it like that, then we begin to unravel its true laws, its true form. After all, today we do not feel it. We do not really know it, and we do not really see it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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