Faith Above Reason: Preferring Bestowal To Reception

laitman_275Faith above reason is a spiritual concept, which means that a person prefers to be in bestowal instead of reception, that is, to bestow to the Creator instead of serving one’s own egoism. This is a calculation for the benefit of the Creator and not for one’s own benefit. The entire wisdom of Kabbalah is built on the principle of faith above reason, the principle of bestowal. Bestowal is built above reception and that is why it is called faith above reason.1

Faith above reason grows through my choice to prefer bestowal over reception. The greatness of reception is imprinted in me, it is my nature. I know and feel how important it is to receive for myself—this is my entire “I.” Yet, I must find a way to cut off, to detach, my “I” from myself and attach it to the Creator in order to think about Him instead of myself and to receive pleasure from these thoughts.

I feel good when I think about the Creator because I feel that I am moving in the right direction. However, is the goal to do good to myself or is bestowal to the Creator most important? Through such exercises, I advance, gradually distancing from my I and shifting all my thoughts to the Creator.

It even becomes unimportant to me whether I feel good or bad; I do not want to think about it. After all, if I run away to the Creator to hide from evil, then it is my egoism. But to strive for Him and to ignore the good is also incorrect. I want to restrict myself and no matter whether I feel empty or fulfilled in any state, I want to adhere to the Creator so that all my thoughts and desires would be only about Him and all my actions would be directed at Him. This will be genuine bestowal to the Creator above reason, above impressions in my mind and heart; it means I have acquired faith above reason.2

If we really feel the need to turn to the Creator, we will start working on our connection. The Creator is the goal that obligates us to unite. Otherwise, why do we need to connect? Egoism, on the contrary, pushes us away from each other and says that it is better to keep our distance. We will agree to connect only out of hopelessness when we are compelled to turn to the Creator. It is as if the entire ten is locked in a tight cage and we are forced to search for the means to cry to the Creator.

This is how we need to see our state in this life without waiting for the Creator to push us into it by suffering. Let us imagine this state, discuss it between us: what are we lacking in order to turn to the Creator together, to raise a prayer, MAN? How can we connect with each other in order to feel this connection as a single point common for all of us? What should we feel in this point, what desire, what ache for the Creator is called a prayer? How can we reach such a request? Let us decide and compile such a program.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/3/19, The Work in Faith Above Reason

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