Our Role In Faith Above Reason

laitman_221.0Faith above reason is a feeling that bestowal is above reception, the importance of the Creator is above the importance of the created being and the whole of reality. A person begins to feel that he has a new concern: to do something for the Creator’s sake and in such a way that the Creator will not even know about it, to bestow in concealment, humbly, without any intention to receive a reward.

We need to ask for this power so that it will govern us and give us guidance as to how to work between us for the Creator’s sake. This power awakens around the point in the heart, grows it, and allows it to act. Here we begin to discover that reality is not what it previously seemed to be. In fact, it is governed by a single force that fills and arranges everything. It always arranged everything, but now it is beginning to be revealed.

Through our desire and efforts to connect, we can invite the Creator to reveal Himself and correct us. In fact, this is the only thing we can do. After all, the first basic act of bestowal is revealed within the connection, and only within the connection does it begin to grow and strengthen. Therefore, we see in the Torah that immediately after the exodus from Egypt, the formation of the nation began by assembling people into tens, hundreds, and thousands.

The desirable state is the revelation of the upper force that gives us the desire to bestow above the desire to receive. We then truly aspire to bestow in order to bring joy and contentment to the Creator, which is our only reward.1

A person who does the right work is always happy, primarily because in any state he has a correct connection with the Creator. In any ascent or descent, he is under governance of the Creator and by being aware of it he already brings contentment to the Creator and thus rejoices.

He feels that he receives strength to always be concerned about the Creator and to bring Him contentment without any self-compensation, that is, to perform pure bestowal. This is an effect of the Light; this is how the Light of faith works.2

At the spiritual degree, a person receives Light that disconnects him from egoism and he begins to consider his desire to enjoy only as means for performing acts of bestowal. Therefore, he does not take himself into account, meaning what he has and what he does not have. On the contrary, he wants to have nothing, no reward at all! This is his primary concern. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”3

I want all the results of my work to be only in the Creator, and I myself will receive nothing for it, except strength for the work, as if I am filled with fuel like a car. All hundred percent of my work will be for the Creator’s benefit to such an extent that He will not even know about my existence, as if I am an absolute zero.

A car does not know where it is going, it is under the complete control of its owner. I want to be under such control of the upper one. Let the owner fill me with fuel and use me completely. I want to be totally devoted to Him. This is called a loyal servant.4

The Creator likes when we prepare a vessel where He can be revealed. This is exactly what we want to do at the upcoming convention in Italy. We have to create a place for the revelation of the Creator. Even if we do not feel how we create this place, it will exist. Perhaps its intensity will not be enough for the revelation of the Creator toward us, because we are very crude, but nevertheless this place will be already founded.

Now we are beginning to create the structure of Adam HaRishon at the state of final correction. This is the very beginning, we are laying a foundation of this structure of the common soul of Adam in its completely corrected form. This is extremely important work.

Therefore, we need to do everything in our power, and the Creator will finish it for us. The most important thing is to do it and the result is determined from above.

I really hope that we will be able to build the place for revelation of the Creator and for bringing Him contentment.5

If I try to do my work correctly then at every moment I bring contentment to the Creator, even if this is not yet apparent to me. Therefore, I rejoice. After all, I know that the Creator is taking care of me: There is no doubt that I received life and development from Him, “There is none else besides Him.” Therefore, everything depends only on my attitude. I do not place conditions before the Creator that He will reveal Himself no matter what, but I just want to perform acts of bestowal.6

Construction starts from digging a pit and casting a foundation. Likewise, we lay a foundation for the common corrected soul of Adam HaRishon. For this we need to dig into the ground, and this is hard, dirty work. The one who does it sees nothing apart from excavation inside his egoism until he digs enough to lay a foundation for the building. Then perhaps he will gradually start to rise from the pit, above the foundation and erect the building itself.

To add levels is not a problem, someone can add them after us. What’s most important is to lay the first piles of the foundation, and we are very close to it.7
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Work in Faith Above Reason”
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