Working With Faith Above Reason

laitman_213To act “Lishma” means with the force of faith. That is, being in concealment I do not see and do not understand anything, and specifically this allows me to rise above this world, above my knowledge, above primitivity, limited in relation to the spiritual mind. Therefore, we need some sort of lifting mechanism to be able to move to another level of existence and perception of reality.

To rise to another dimension, exit the familiar three-dimensional coordinate system, free ourselves from its limitations, and move to a new, wider perception of reality, we need new instruments of perception that are called “faith above reason.”

It is impossible to understand with our earthy mind what it is, because we are incapable of existing in a non-dimensional space and seeing what disagrees with our internal program. Therefore, it is written, “Taste and see that the Creator is good.” This can be achieved only with the force of faith.*

With Gratitude to the Creator for the Creation

If a person advances to “Lishma” wishing to work with the force of faith above reason, with so-called “devotion of the soul,” then even before he reaches it, by just aspiring to it, he gives great contentment to the Creator. It is even greater than it will be afterward from his subsequent spiritual attainments.

It is like a baby who gives more pleasure to the father and mother than an adult child. After all, the adult acts with his mind, his calculations, and a baby—with his naïve devotion, which is very attractive and touches the parents.

Therefore, we should highly value the opportunity given to us even to simply talk, think, or read about spiritual concepts that are above our world. This is a great privilege. A lot of people come to this, try and leave. Moreover, they begin to slander this methodology.

People do not understand what harm they do to themselves by speaking poorly about Kabbalah. After all, the Creator purposely arranged all of creation, all the worlds, and a common soul in order to bring the creation to His degree. And they neglect this entire system, this method, all the conditions prepared from Above. It turns out that they strike out the entire creation created for them by the Creator.

If a person is simply not yet ready and knows nothing about Kabbalah, this is alright. But the one who has already been acquainted with it and has touched this wisdom and then left and began to slander it, by this he shows disregard for the Creator.**
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/23/18, Writings of Rabash, “Sanctification of the Month”
* (Minute 12:50)
** (Minute 14:55 )

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