Performing An Awakening From Below

laitman_276.05We value such states when we are full of strength, knowledge, feelings, energy, happiness, and inspiration. But we do not take into account that all this comes to us from Above, from the Light. When the Light disappears and the Creator does not give all this from Above but requires us to do our own work from below, so that we ourselves will place Him to rule over us becoming His people, then we organize ourselves as the people chosen by the Creator.

And this work is done exactly in such states when we feel ourselves insignificant, empty, sleepy, with a deaf heart, powerless to do something because of the feeling of heaviness in the soul and in the whole body. It is then that we have an opportunity to perform the “awakening from below” without the “awakening from Above” in order to become the people of the Creator.*
From the 1st part of Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/23/18, Writings of Rabash, Article No. 40, 1990, “What Is, ‘For You Are the Least of All the Peoples,’ in the Work?”
* (Minute 54:00)

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