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People treat them as symbols or idols, and stop looking at them as ordinary human beings with feelings. As a result, they gradually lose a lot of their friendships and human connections.
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If we delve into a deeper layer of human nature, the answer is lack of #meaning and purpose. Paradoxically, their accomplishments make them face the question: What else is there to live for?
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The Creator deliberately broke the common soul, Adam, into parts for us to restore it and in the process, to understand the Creator’s nature, goal, and state to which He wants to bring us.
Hence, uniting into one soul is the goal of all mankind’s development.
From Twitter, 6/12/18

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Reach The Cherished Goal

laitman_600.01Question: Can a student of Kabbalah fail to achieve his cherished goal?

Answer: Of course. Kabbalah is a science. Everyone wants to be Einstein, but some only become assistant professors. This is necessary.

A person should strive for the maximum, but it does not matter how it will turn out. However, if he works correctly, he will surely reach it.

In a closed system, when one returns to his roots, he feels that he is higher in relation to others. By passing the upper Light through them, he feels himself to be a special source of energy for everyone else.

Question: Einstein is an example of reaching a high level in a certain direction. But he had a rare talent, there is no second Einstein in the world. And you say that in Kabbalah, everyone can reach great heights?

Answer: Einstein had a gift to see the inner connections of the world. His genius was in that, through the combination of various opposite properties of nature, he was able to obtain new formulas, expressions, comprehension, and to describe them mathematically.

Therefore, mathematics is the basis of all sciences, although it is not a science by itself. It is a way of describing internal connections of nature. After all, nature is also not a science. Nature is a network of connections between us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/4/18

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What Is Revealed In The Process Of Attainment?

laitman_237Question: According to Kabbalah, what does one reveal in the process of attainment in the beginning and what is at the end?

Answer: First one reveals that everything in the world is created for man so that he will comprehend the Creator’s properties. Therefore, the meaning of existence is to reveal the Creator’s actions in ourselves.

At the end, when one achieves complete correction, he reveals that everything inside him happens in tune with the Creator, in absolute agreement with Him.

Question: It is believed that first one reveals “There is none else beside Him,” and then that “He is good and does good.” Can we break it down into such stages?

Answer: You can say so. But on every step, it is all mixed together.

Question: In the book Shamati, it is written: “The Creator is my shadow.” How can one ascend in attaining the Creator, realizing that He is one’s shadow? Does something stop us from seeing this?

Answer: “The Creator is my shadow” means that everything is the Creator’s reflection, and man too. How the Creator moves with respect to man, so man does these movements.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/18

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Medium: “What Did Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain Have in Common?”

The portal Medium published my new article “What Did Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain Have in Common?

It’s challenging for us to understand why successful, famous, rich people such as fashion designer Kate Spade and TV chef Anthony Bourdain decide to put an end to their lives.

Typical answers will vary between hidden loneliness and depression, drug addiction, and mental issues. But if we delve into a deeper, more fundamental layer of human nature, the answer is one: lack of meaning and purpose in life.

From an ordinary person’s point of view, the rich and famous already have everything that the rest of us dream of. But as we focus on what they’ve got, we miss what’s happening inside their minds and hearts. Thus, we overlook what they’re losing.

When people reach the heights of fame and fortune, their lives change dramatically. Their new status and power separate them from the rest of society. People treat them as symbols or idols, and stop looking at them as ordinary human beings with feelings. As a result, they gradually lose a lot of their friendships and human connections.

But it doesn’t end there. As they reach the top of their game and conquer their dreams, they are more prone to lose their passion and drive to keep going. Paradoxically, their accomplishments and abundance put them in front of the undeniable question: What do I aim for next? What else is there to live for?

It’s as if they lose the drive to carry on in this world, while on the other hand, there’s nowhere else to go.

When that happens, even highly creative and passionate people who initiate meaningful projects will struggle to find the reason and purpose behind anything they do. And then, a single emotional trigger could be enough for them put an end to their life.

In contrast, the average person struggles to get by through the daily grind, craves a promotion at work and dreams of the next vacation. His or her relations with other people feel a lot more real even if they’re challenging. He has a desire to make his life better in various aspects. And hope for a better future means there’s something worth living for.

The irony about fame and fortune is that those who achieve it may feel like there is nothing more to aspire to, and those who do not, still have a drive to achieve it.

But beneath the surface, these opposites complement each other as a single system. There’s a collective process of development that gradually brings all of us to face the question: what is the meaning and purpose of life?

A human being has a need to discover the purpose of his or her existence. It is the only thing that truly differentiates humans from animals. In fact, all of human culture can be seen as an attempt to answer that very question of meaning. And in our time, it is becoming increasingly necessary to provide a satisfactory answer.

It is not by chance that suicide has become characteristic of the modern western world, with suicide rates in the U.S. increasing more than 25% since 1999, and close to 800,000 people globally committing suicide every year.

Yet, the meaning of life is not a philosophical or mystical question that doesn’t have a clear answer. The exact opposite is true: it is a natural question that has a natural answer.

When human beings tap into their inherent wiring for connection, they reveal that they are parts of a single integrated system, connected to each other and to the natural source of life itself. Then, their craving for meaning and purpose finds its fulfillment in connection with the harmony and wholeness of nature.

Find The Meaning Of Life

Laitman_161Question: Is the meaning of life is to learn to live eternally, in the physical body created by the Creator?

Answer: No. The eternal body in Kabbalah means a desire that works for bestowal. Therefore, the meaning of life is not in the framework of our world, but in the attainment of this eternal body, that is, the desire to bestow, when a person becomes like the Creator, creates contact with Him, and then there is mutual adhesion.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/28/17

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New Life 1008 – The Power Of Imagination

New Life 1008 – The Power Of Imagination
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Imagination is given to humans so that we will ultimately develop and discover the higher power through connection with others. While imagination is a deviation from true reality, it can be a stimulus for rising to this new reality when used in a positive way. The form of all future inventions and discoveries exist thanks to the power of imagination. The purpose of creation is for people to develop to a state beyond all imagination that is called the “World of Ein Sof (Infinity).”
From KabTV’s “New Life 1008 – The Power Of Imagination,” 5/8/18

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