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People are getting tired of relating to each other based on appearance. So what will come next?
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Spiritual work in the group, ten, is like being on swings: one comes down, while others work to lift him. Someone is always at the bottom while everyone else is on top, opposite him, helping him—this way, everyone rises.
This is how we are allowed to advance from above.

The difference between potentials that awakens a friend is the difference between the sum of 9 Keters and 9 Malchuts that are in 9 friends. It’s the difference between spiritual values relative material ones: importance of the Creator vs. importance of creation, the world, egoism

A person should “start” himself like an engine, with a starter, until he starts and works by himself.
For each attempt to “start” one’s #soul, we receive upper light from above. It influences us and bit by bit, starts the work of the soul, according to the force of the light.

By annulling ourselves and uniting in order to help a friend in his descent, we collect 9 points of Keter and 9 points of Malchut, and we get 1 large Keter and 1 large Malchut, and the huge difference between the KeterMalchut potentials. With it, we enliven the friend.

As all ideas and movements, the idea of #globalization has exhausted itself, not offering anything new. #Trump favors a comeback to retail ego rather than a common one—that’s already better for the world, but not for the elites… The hegemony of #Germany is over. Perestroika!
From Twitter 6/20/18

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The Boiling Lava Of Unity

laitman_943We can only unite by attack. After all, we possess a force that resists unification in every possible way. But this power does not prevent us from doing anything in this world. People’s egoism in this world is not an impediment; it only contributes to development.

Therefore, egoism is not a bad thing. On the contrary, if a child would not want anything, would not seek to conquer the whole world, he would be underdeveloped, and it would be alarming.

The more one is egoistic in this world, the greater is his ability to succeed. It is only necessary to direct his egoism in the right direction so that it will not be destructive and will not harm society. But if, thanks to egoism, he does a great job and achieves a lot, it is only for his and the world’s benefit.

To be more precise, it is not even egoism, but the force of development inherent in the program of evolution, in the whole of nature, including every person. The real egoism, about which it is written, “I have created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice,” manifests only when we aspire to unification. Then, within the unity, we reveal the power that hinders it.

The desire to unite is our desire to correct the system of the common soul, the first man, Adam, who was shattered. Our duty is to correct it, for the Creator created the separation between us as a place to work so that we will connect all the broken parts.

When we try to unite them, we reveal the force that prevents unification. This power is called “egoism.” The force that opposes it is called “the Torah,” the “reforming Light.” One needs to know how to reveal this evil inclination within oneself. It is a snake, which prevents us from uniting.

One needs to appreciate this force that resists connection and not destroy it. We must collect these forces all together and try to overcome them. We will then find out that we cannot do it ourselves because this is the force created by the Creator, and that is why we need the Torah, which is the Light of correction.

Only those people who have realized the need for unity need the Torah, which is the highest Light that leads us to unity and correction.

Despite the enormous power of the ego’s resistance, the power of the Torah unites our stony hearts together, warms them up, melts them, and turns them into a boiling lava, a single force. And then we come to one spiritual vessel (Kli) from the ten Sefirot, to the Partzuf, to the part of Adam HaRishon who the Creator created and broke into pieces.

This is how we move forward, and everything starts with our desire to unite. You should not look for an evil inclination anywhere else, but only inside the union. In this case it will open. We do not seek evil. We seek goodness, connection and unity, and then we reveal evil.

We always move in the right line, and if the left line opens in it, it means that we need it and it must be parallel to the right line. Then we should work in the middle line to correctly use the left and right lines as a whole.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Attacking the Connection”

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Medium: “Childcare Abuse: Mirror of the 21st Century Society?”

The portal Medium published my new article “Childcare Abuse: Mirror of the 21st Century Society?

We cringe when we hear about another horrifying childcare abuse story, such as the abusive daycare workers that were arrested last week, both in Israel and Arkansas.

Inconceivable as it is, abuse in daycare centers appears to be systematic and widespread. Data gathered from 39 states in the U.S., for instance, shows that 5,321 daycare providers were found abusive. In Israel, efforts are being made to push legislation that will require all kindergartens to install security cameras, as parents realize that no one can guarantee their children’s safety.

But what is causing those we hire to take care of our children to behave in such a monstrous way? And how can we constrain this phenomenon when we don’t have control over what happens inside daycare centers?

It’s hard to grasp, but these horrifying incidents reveal the cold, stony heart that beats within the human being. When the ego overpowers us, it floods us with such a high degree of agitation and fury that conquers all, driving us to harm anyone in our way, even a helpless little toddler.

And with little children who cannot express themselves well, there’s nothing to stop the monster from breaking out. Likewise, data shows that the age group most likely to be abused is between 0 and 3 years of age.

“What Kind of Monster Can Do That?”

“If I myself had seen such a video online,” said the Israeli kindergarten teacher as she was shown footage of her own abusive behavior, “I would ask: what kind of a monster can do that?”

Evidently, we cannot see our own fault in the moment of truth. The stony heart blinds us and removes the sense of guilt, causing us to lose our senses without being aware of it.

Thus, even if we put cameras everywhere — we won’t be solving the root problem. The monster lies within every caregiver, and in fact, in every one of us. The question is who awakens the monster from its sleep?

We can easily blame individuals for their abusive actions, and we should certainly prevent them from continuing. But these are merely results that float above the surface. The monster that awakens is a social disease that has been incubating for decades and is erupting increasingly in our time.

How We Got Here

Until the midst of the 20th century, raising kids was completely different to what we are now used to, and yet closer to our natural development as human beings. Mothers used to have better conditions for bringing up children and caring for their wellbeing. And they were socially acknowledged for doing so.

Then came the industrial revolution, along with powerful vested interests who sought to modify the social order for the sake of profit. Efforts were made to drive women into the workforce, by relating it to liberal ideals of women’s emancipation and their equal status in society. That was in order to maximize production and consumption to a level the world has never seen before.

The resulting consumer society was designed to plunder the planet’s resources so as to orient human life around material excess. Gradually, people embraced a new lifestyle that reshaped the social order and the family unit.

However, as happiness studies uncover, neither we nor the wealthy few actually find any genuine satisfaction and comfort in the cyclical chase for material acquisition.

The result? A society where toddlers are torn from their mothers and thrown into the hands of a nanny who also competes in the material race. A “free” society where everything is permitted and boundaries are blurry. A society where the natural connection between parent and child has been significantly compromised and devalued. A society where monstrous, uninhibited ego can erupt even towards helpless toddlers.

Childcare abuse is the mirror of human society in the 21st century.

Our Children Need a Social Revolution

So what are we going to do about it? How will we prevent similar incidents in the future? How will we heal the sickness of our society?

As long as we fail to work towards a fundamental change in social values, we can all pledge guilty for the abuse in daycare centers.

This is not a call to go back in time. On the contrary. It’s a wake-up call for the next revolution to occur. Just as the industrial revolution taught us to lead a material lifestyle — the next revolution must teach us to lead a social lifestyle.

First, we must re-prioritize education. It should become society’s most valued profession. An educator must receive social recognition along with the conditions to maintain professional integrity. We have to choose caregivers who prove their passion to bring up our children, who will gain a deep understanding of human nature, and who will be trained extensively to practice restraint and self-control in any situation.

These are just a few preconditions for any educator who works with children. But the true revolution will happen when we, adults, will sit together in circles, much like in kindergarten, and cultivate the human being within us, against the monster that may awaken.

When we redefine the goal of life, we will replace the material rat-race with a growing sensitivity to our deep human connection, and it will give us a new sense of meaning and fulfillment.

Specifically the wisdom of Kabbalah becoming revealed in our time, is designed to shed light on the natural human connections between people and help us develop them to the ultimate level: discovering the system of connection the binds all of us together as a single family.

Why Fashion is Going Out of Style

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/13/18

People are getting tired of relating to each other based on appearance. So what will come next?

Don’t Run Away From The World

laitman_761.3Question from Facebook: Do you really think that everyone should leave their business and job, sell everything the way you did, and just study Kabbalah? Are you “second best” if you don’t do this?

Answer: Not at all! I had no other choice. Nobody told me to do that. I just had an inner calling, a certain kind of fate that guided me, and I could not have acted otherwise.

Question: So when you tell us about this, it is not an example?

Answer: Of course, it is not an example. I myself do not know if I would have done that again or not. It just happened.

Question: Does it mean that a person should not leave his job or his business in order to study Kabbalah?

Answer: On the contrary, studying Kabbalah requires that you engage in all of that.

I did not quit my job. I changed it to another one so that I could study without being burdened by anything, without thinking how I would pay taxes, organize all kinds of things, and be responsible for the business. I just wanted to take care of my needs, to work a little to support my family, and to spend the rest of my time studying.

Question: What is your advice to someone studying Kabbalah? How should he live in this world with work, family, and so on?

Answer: In no case should a person run away from this world. It seems to him that he might make some great altruistic, sacrificial act, but in fact, it is not the case. He should stay at his job and continue everything the way he did before.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/1/18

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New Life 1010 – Loyalty

New Life 1010 – Loyalty
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

In the future, loyalty will reach a negligible level so that we will search for the only power that it is possible to rely upon. People cannot be blamed for lacking loyalty since we are all acting according to our inherent, egoistic tendencies. Being loyal to the characteristics of the Creator gives a person security and makes him stronger, greater, and whole. Loyalty to the Creator will not dissipate because the desire to bestow goodness doesn’t come on account of others and it therefore increasingly grows.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1010 – Loyalty,” 5/13/18

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