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We can easily blame individuals for their abusive actions, and should prevent them from continuing. But these are merely results that float above the surface. The monster that awakens is a social disease that has been incubating for decades and is erupting increasingly in our time.

Evidently, we cannot see our own fault in the moment of truth. The stony heart blinds us and removes the sense of guilt, causing us to lose our senses without being aware of it.

These horrifying incidents reveal the cold, stony heart that beats within the human being. When the #ego overpowers us, it floods us with such a high degree of agitation and fury that conquers all, driving us to harm anyone in our way, even a helpless little toddler. #daycare

What is causing those we hire to take care of our #children to behave in such a monstrous way? And how can we constrain this phenomenon when we don’t have control over what happens inside #daycare centers?
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When the economic system can’t forecast, it enters a #crisis, dragging along all other systems that society created. The crisis is global, involving all systems social, economic, political, etc. Everything has outlived itself, and Trump is merely an engine driven from above.

When our heart finally aspires to unity in the group, we start to feel that “love for the neighbor,” which Kabbalists write about, is not morals, but a law of nature, the law of all creation.
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During an attack on unity in the group, we develop a common language with the Creator.The main part is to start understanding Him, perceiving any occurrence as His invitation to turn to Him.The Creator is being revealed in everything taking place, and I must see Him in everything

Unity can be attained only by a group attack! That’s how we obligate the Creator to implement the unity.
Like a sports coach, the Creator sets ups obstacles to unity, which we must overcome, like athletes, in order to gather the soul and reveal Him in it
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From Twitter 6/18/18

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