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All the disturbances must be leaned on for help in an attack for unity. We must discuss them in the group. The disturbances are undoubtedly useful, we need only to use them correctly. That way, we won’t return them, but will take a shortcut toward the goal.

We must attack unity together, overcoming yesterday’s failures, rejoicing at them as preparation for ascent. Unity is the goal, attack is the means, and we are the executors. In the end, the Creator does everything when we will turn to Him in despair from all our failures.

But we don’t have the will to bestow. We ask for it while being enslaved by the ego. We reveal that the #ego rules over us, and we are incapable of bestowal. Our efforts lead us to wanting to bestow, but we are incapable—and this begets despair and a plea to the Creator.

#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah
Nothing I try succeeds. A scream appears, how do I act correctly?
Spiritual despair that I cannot give contentment to the Creator.
In truth, spiritual work is precisely to reach despair—that is the kli (vessel) for revealing the Creator.

“A doctor is entitled to heal.” Although the Creator governs everything, we must also rebuke accusations by Kabbalah’s opponents at the degree of our world, while knowing that they’re being sent by the Creator. He arranges “help against us.” Through the thorns, to the Creator!

Non-stop efforts to unite in the group, to interpret everything that happens as coming only from the Creator, will bring out the need for:
-shared efforts, mutual guarantee
-the Creator’s help to attain unity
-the Creator’s revelation in unity.
Good luck!
#Spiritualwork #Kabbalah

When we strive for the Creator rather than comfort, our attitude to good and evil forces ceases to be different. We perceive both as coming from the Creator, and differentiate between them only in order to reveal the Creator, to rise above them and thus reveal Him more.

In nature, there is no force of attraction without the force of repulsion. The 2nd force is usually concealed, but it surely exists. Hence, to reveal the good force, we must reveal the evil force, and vice-versa. Thus, “Love will cover all crimes”—only both, together forever!

#FifaWorldCup2018 Ideally, our sports should employ positive competition to foster a greater sense of unity in both players and spectators, through demonstrating connection and practicing collaboration. It should be a highly educational experience. Full post>>

#FifaWorldCup2018 Just as the world cup brings humanity together, it also reflects all of humanity’s banes. If we truly want this event to do good for humanity, the first thing to do is take the profit motive out it.
Full post>>

The Third Reich Social Network , a film created by my students, has won best #documentary at the Near Nazareth Festival (NNF) #film #Filmmaker #filmfestival

The greater the +, the greater the -, and R is revelation of the Creator.

“Advantage of light is revealed from darkness” and advantage of darkness is revealed by light. They fight over man, two hold the tallit, until man reconciles them in the middle line. They grow relative of one another.

By “rocking the boat” of international politics, Trump exposes the deceptive relations of “big politicians” and prevents even worse volatility, since the world leaders’ superficial unity is a facade for ego-ambitions that put the world at the brink of global catastrophe.

The only way to move from the current hostility into a state of friendship and coexistence is when Israel generates the healing force of unity, first within itself and then onto the world. #Israeli #Palestinian

It was nature’s way of planting the seed of unity for the entire human race. In other words, nature made a deal with them: making them a mini-model of global unity, which ultimately has to set an example for the world.
#TrumpKimSummit #peace

3,800 years ago in ancient Babylon, a special “deal” was made at the cradle of human civilization. Representatives from the various groups, tribes and clans decided to come together and coexist under the principle of unity above all differences.

And specifically among Israel analysts: Will Trump be able to make a deal to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

The Trump-Kim summit generated a renewed sense of hope along with questions about the future. Will we witness a new and peaceful North Korea? Will Trump’s deal-making skills become instrumental in promoting world #peace?

“The Israeli nation had been constructed as a sort of gateway by which the sparks of purity would shine upon the whole of the human race the world over.” The Arvut, Baal HaSulam #Trump #Israel
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