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Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong-un may very well grant the American President candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize. Reaching conciliation with North Korea while destroying its nuclear testing polygon may become Trump’s great achievement.

We must value egoism—the force of resistance to the ten’s unity. We must not and cannot eradicate it, but overcome it by the force of the light, the plea to the Creator.
Only those who recognize the need to unite require the Torah, upper light, leading to unification in HaVaYaH.

The will to receive isn’t egoism, but nature’s force of development.
Egoism is revealed only in the aspiration to unite into a ten.
Then we reveal the force that hinders us.
It can only be corrected by upper light and invoked by the common desire.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

In the future, the Creator will open eyes that were not wise so they can gaze upon the upper wisdom and attain that which they did not attain in this world. Happy are those who merited this #wisdom since there is no wisdom, knowledge or adhesion like it.
#Zohar Ve-etchanan

It’s written:”Ponder day and night” and not: understand day and night. If you understood—you understood, and if not -you hold the reward for the study! Although you don’t understand The Book of Zohar, the language evokes the soul’s correction.
Preface, Revelation of Wisdom

When a person starts identifying himself with the Creator, he sees his ego against him and rejoices at its suffering. Ego will turn into dust (From dust you came and to dust you will return). Man is created from this dust. And the pain is neutralized by the Upper Goal.

We are now paving a new path for all mankind.
In Kabbalah, our generation is called “the last”—of those living by egoism’s laws.
In our time, the upper force must be revealed between all people, without differences or limitations.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

The Creator created our egoistic nature such that we won’t be able to unite above it on our own and will have to ask Him for help. When we ask Him together, the Creator unites our desires and and becomes revealed in them.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah

The Creator does everything in order to direct you to Him.

Try to see the Creator in everything, FOR and AGAINST connection—and you’ll discover that all problems are only from not recognizing Him as the cause.
When you agree that everything comes from the Creator, you’ll start to feel that you’re connected to Him.

Attain wherefrom is the soul, attain and correct the world. Attain the Creator by peering deeply into the upper world’s secrets.

New #Zohar, Songs of Songs: Man must reveal his Maker’s secrets, how he was created, where he’s from, where he’s going, how to correct himself and then face the Creator’s judgement.

Throw—attain (change the letter order) in the Book of Zohar (Behaalotecha)

Those who attain will shine like the firmament. This is the radiance of The Book of #Zohar in them. They fulfill “Throw every newborn into the river.” The secret of the Torah is a son. A newborn is one who attains. The Yeor river is Ohr, light of Torah.

As you move away from yourself and closer to the Creator, you see your past self standing across, and you fight yourself. Only the point in the heart unites with the Creator; the rest is against it. You identify with the point, and step by step, you unite with the Creator.

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Then, their craving for #meaning and #purpose finds its #fulfillment in connection with the harmony and wholeness of nature.
You’re welcome to learn more here >>LifeMeaningJourney

When human beings tap into their inherent wiring for connection, they reveal that they are parts of a single integrated system, connected to each other and to the natural source of life itself.

People treat them as symbols or idols, and stop looking at them as ordinary human beings with feelings. As a result, they gradually lose a lot of their friendships and human #connections.

When people reach the heights of #fame and #fortune, their lives change dramatically. Their new status and power separate them from the rest of society.
#KateSpade #AnthonyBourdain

From an ordinary person’s point of view, the rich and famous already have everything that the rest of us dream of. But as we focus on what they’ve got, we miss what’s happening inside their minds and hearts. Thus, we overlook what they’re losing. #suicide

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