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#Soccer is mankind’s religion.
Instead of quarrels and wars, it’s better for people to play. It’s important to add different interactions—to make the game non-egoistic.
If after the game the players had a festive dinner, embracing and intermixing, it’d be a good sign of development.

The Ideal Framework for a Happy Existence“ - @laitman  #hapiness

As explained by Kabbalist Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) in his article “From My Flesh I Shall See God.”

“The connection between the body and the soul is only that in the former, things happen to it naturally and by themselves, and in the latter they happen through work and joint relation between the spiritual and the corporeal.”

Only while we’re alive in this world is our spiritual advancement possible. So what happens when you die? Very simply, if we do not make efforts to develop a soul in our lifetime, we keep reincarnating.

My near death experience from 1998 @BINAlerts

From Twitter, 6/28/18

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Accelerating The Beginning Of The Spiritual Path

254.02Time is what confuses us. If there were no past, present, and future, but only one point in time, one moment, we would be living in a different reality. Since we do not know what will happen in the next moment that exists toward us because it is concealed, we have a problem.

On the other hand, it is great that we do not know our future and cannot predict anything. After all, this gives us the chance to need the Creator! This is the most important point that we must reach: the need for the Creator’s help, for His revelation.

He must reveal Himself, otherwise I cannot exist even in a simple egoistic way, I cannot organize my life. I need the Creator to appear because only He knows how to stabilize and arrange everything so that I can live confidently. This is necessary for me even egotistically; it is not about bestowal yet.

There are special exercises that start from egoism, from this world, from the desire to enjoy, and they continue till the greatest heights in the desire to bestow. The single goal of all these exercises is to feel the need for the Creator.

Therefore, we want to accelerate time and bring ourselves to the state of utter uncertainty before the next moment, to feel ourselves dependent on the unknown, on fate, and on unpredictability of the next moment. The fear before uncertainty does not pass until the end of all the corrections, till the very last degree of the spiritual ladder.

If we want to accelerate time, we must ourselves find tricks to let us relate everything to the upper force. Then “the children of Israel will sigh because of the labor, and they will cry, and their cry will come up unto God because of the labor. And God will hear their groaning,” and He will answer them and bring them closer. Then at the next degree, we again will find ourselves helpless, suspended between heaven and earth to such an extent that it will cause panic, deadly fear. Yet, under lesser conditions, a person will not need the help of the Creator.

Therefore, we must be happy that we have reached the state when we already can practice this at least a little. These exercises will help us understand what it means to rise by faith above reason and to be suspended in the air, what it means not to feel the ground under our feet and to have nothing to lean on when everything is shaking. This is a special state from which spirituality begins.

If a person makes himself completely dependent on the Creator and not on himself, if he does not feel any support in his egoistic perception, in time, movement, and space, then this is a big success. In this way, he starts his journey on the spiritual path.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Unite into One Ten”
1 Minute 11:17

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Newsmax: “How Misguided We Are in Thinking That God Is Anything Like Us”

The largest portal Newsmax posted my new article: “How Misguided We Are in Thinking That God Is Anything”.

Even as a child, long before I knew the wisdom of Kabbalah, I never thought about the upper force as anything similar to a flesh and blood human who consumes food and secretes waste, sweats, gets sick from time to time, and is not always “aesthetically pleasing,” to say the least.

It didn’t make sense to me that this limited, transient body somehow reflects a force that is supposedly universal, eternal and lofty.

So I was surprised to hear that a new research asked participants to describe what they thought the face of God looked like. Merging results from hundreds of American believers, the researchers assembled the “face of God.”

Now, if the image of the Creator was indeed like that of a human being, then something went wrong with that Creator…

According to Kabbalah, “God,” or “the Creator,” is the quality of complete, unconditional love and bestowal. It’s a spiritual force devoid of any corporeal depiction, a force that guides and sustains the whole of reality, and its purpose is one: to do good. To that end, the Creator created a creature who is destined to reach the ultimate goodness — acquiring the godly, eternal quality of absolute love and bestowal.

However, the path to perfection begins with imperfection. The Creator “shattered” the created being, which put him in the exact opposite state — a quality of self-reception. As a result, all of us are shattered pieces of the created being, and the corporeal reality we are familiar with is the farthest state from the Creator.

In fact, we have no connection with the quality of absolute love and bestowal. And even when we think we are giving to others, it’s an illusion; our acts of giving are mixed with self-interest.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that participants in the study chose the most beautiful and lofty image they could think of. It’s the top of what the human imagination can conjure up. It also explains why some participants chose images that reflect their position on the political spectrum.

Sorry to kill the romance, but whatever human image we come up with, as beautiful as it may be, will never have any connection with the true image of the Creator. That is, with the quality of unconditional love and bestowal.

Then how do we “draw” the correct image of the Creator?

First, erase any corporeal depiction. Second, internalize that the Creator cannot be perceived through our five senses. And third, learn how to develop inner qualities that are similar to the Creator’s qualities.

A person who learns how to develop a universal attitude of love and bestowal to all created beings and to reality as a whole, becomes internally similar to the Creator. Thus, through his new thoughts and desires, he builds the image of the Creator within himself.

The authentic wisdom of Kabbalah is a method that was weaved for generations based on the practical experience of thousands of people who detached from the corporeal depiction and acquired the inner qualities of the Creator.

Some of them recorded their findings in writing and passed them down to the next generations. Today, any person can use their method to develop a new, inner set of “brushes and color palettes,” with which one can draw the image of the Creator.

Wouldn’t It Be Simpler To Move To The Country?

420.06Question from Facebook: Wouldn’t it be simpler to move to a small village and live as before, simply and peacefully?

Answer: If you can live on the level of cows or radishes, then all would be well.

Everything depends on the individual’s level. But, on the other hand, he can also exist in this state and, at the same time, be in spirituality.

Question: If an individual leaves for the country, for a simpler life, does that mean that he is ignoring his growing egoism?

Answer: No, he can be a great Kabbalist at the same time, even with a huge ego. If the Creator needs him, then He will give him challenges, even there among the cows, so that he will find exactly what to occupy himself with in order to attain the Creator.

Question: Does that mean that a person can move to a village and live there peacefully?

Answer: That’s not the point. The point is motivation! It doesn’t matter where a person lives. Everything depends on how he establishes his inner world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 5/8/18

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232.1Question from Facebook: Must a Kabbalist sacrifice himself in the literal sense, not just in the sense of sacrificing his ego?

Answer: It is not completely clear what “sacrifice himself” means. Nobody sacrifices anything to anyone; a person decides for himself what is the best thing for him to do in each moment of his life. And that is why, if it is beneficial to him, he does one thing, and if not beneficial, he does something else. He always acts out of his desire and can never act higher than it. There is no such thing.

Remark: We always say that we need to rise above our egoism, crush it…

My Comment: This is also done out of a conscious awareness of the intention of the desire. That is why there is nothing that is outside of the framework of our desires.

The point is that we can prepare ourselves for much higher aspirations. There is an absolutely clear calculation within the animal or the spiritual body and everything comes out of this calculation.

In Kabbalah, “sacrifice” (“Kurban”) is from the word “Karov,” “Itkarvut,” which means to bring closer, in other words, to bring yourself to a state that is closer to that of the Creator. What do I sacrifice then if I draw nearer to Him?

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the science of how to receive the very best, the most beneficial, the highest.

Question: In other words, there is always a calculation: if it benefits me, then I do it?

Answer: Absolutely. Moreover, it is a precise calculation, clear, carefully weighed.

Question: And where is the bestowal?

Answer: It is built on this precise calculation. That is why it is true, real, because I have come to the thought and the decision that I need to bestow. Everything is built on a precise desire, goal, a person’s calculation, otherwise it is not serious.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/8/18

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New Life #48 – A Social Network Of Mutual Help

New Life #48 – A Social Network Of Mutual Help
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The gloomy economic and security forecasts require us to prepare for a challenging period. A system of complementary community services for the public system would improve our capacity to cope with any crises that may arise in the future. We will need to be prepared to take care of one another by organizing public equipment warehouses, free workshop and repair services, and voluntary children’s circles. This type of approach would be in accordance with nature’s balanced, integral system. It will be based on freely contributing to society rather than money. People will be motivated by widespread publicity regarding the value of giving and personal satisfaction.
From KabTV’s “New Life #48 – A Social Network of Mutual Help,” 8/5/12

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