232.1Question from Facebook: Must a Kabbalist sacrifice himself in the literal sense, not just in the sense of sacrificing his ego?

Answer: It is not completely clear what “sacrifice himself” means. Nobody sacrifices anything to anyone; a person decides for himself what is the best thing for him to do in each moment of his life. And that is why, if it is beneficial to him, he does one thing, and if not beneficial, he does something else. He always acts out of his desire and can never act higher than it. There is no such thing.

Remark: We always say that we need to rise above our egoism, crush it…

My Comment: This is also done out of a conscious awareness of the intention of the desire. That is why there is nothing that is outside of the framework of our desires.

The point is that we can prepare ourselves for much higher aspirations. There is an absolutely clear calculation within the animal or the spiritual body and everything comes out of this calculation.

In Kabbalah, “sacrifice” (“Kurban”) is from the word “Karov,” “Itkarvut,” which means to bring closer, in other words, to bring yourself to a state that is closer to that of the Creator. What do I sacrifice then if I draw nearer to Him?

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the science of how to receive the very best, the most beneficial, the highest.

Question: In other words, there is always a calculation: if it benefits me, then I do it?

Answer: Absolutely. Moreover, it is a precise calculation, clear, carefully weighed.

Question: And where is the bestowal?

Answer: It is built on this precise calculation. That is why it is true, real, because I have come to the thought and the decision that I need to bestow. Everything is built on a precise desire, goal, a person’s calculation, otherwise it is not serious.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/8/18

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