Newsmax: “Is Human Connection Without Borders Possible?“

The largest portal Newsmax published my new article “Is Human Connection Without Borders Possible?

President Trump’s executive order reversing the policy of separating children from parents sent to jail for crossing the border illegally comes as no surprise, due to the international uproar the children’s ordeal caused. But what is next?

It is impossible to be indifferent to the humanitarian crisis of the last few weeks affecting more than two thousand children. The images of children crying inside cage-like detention centers struck a chord with me and the rest of the world, as families were torn apart.

It is understandable that those parents were looking for opportunities and a good future for themselves and their offspring, which they could not find in their home countries. But what would you do if you were the president of the United States, and promised to your constituency to implement a zero tolerance policy to stop illegal immigration?

That is what millions who trusted President Trump with their votes expect from him. And he is doing just that. So in keeping his word, he is trying to change the economy, trade, financial system, and homeland security, among other areas.

Solving illegal immigration to the U.S., however, is one of the most challenging conundrums. A permanent solution to the problem has been sidetracked for decades. Both Democratic and Republican policymakers have even turned a blind eye to let people enter the country illegally for their party’s own political gain.

A solid immigration reform that deters more people from breaking the law and encourages others to immigrate legally should start with an educational plan. Those applying for a permanent status would need to enroll in absorption sessions to get deeply acquainted with the American society, the country’s history, social norms, culture, language, and its laws.

The key is to evaluate the applicant’s true desire to become an integral part of society, and not add to segregated cultural ghettos in the country. Most of the problems with such isolated cultural conglomerates stem from an inappropriate absorption process.

Moreover, this situation is not limited to America. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNRA) reported this week that the total number of displaced people worldwide rose to a record 68.5 million last year. No leader or organization today seems to know how to successfully handle immigrant integration into their respective countries and societies, because there is no clear understanding of what has led to such a large-scale displacement.

And what is this current state of affairs ultimately a consequence of? It’s the consequence of a new level of connection and interdependence among countries and peoples. Humanity is gradually erasing its boundaries, becoming a melting pot that will need to learn how to share and respect common values by developing a sense of a common destiny.

This is not only relevant for immigrants. As the world evolves, human society the world over will have to engage in a new process of learning and transformation, one that expands our perception of the world, the needs of our fellow man, and brings us to a realization that we depend on each other to not only succeed, but to survive.

There is still a long road ahead. A country should protect its frontiers, but humanity will continue developing to a state of one global family without borders. As Yehuda Ashlag, one of the great Jewish sages of the 20th century, wrote in his book “The Writings of the Last Generation,” “The whole world is one family … and every country is obligated to ensure that it won’t detain citizens who come to another country, and won’t close its gates to immigrants and foreigners.”

Who Will Show Humanity The Way?

laitman_750.03Baal HaSulam, “The Writings of the Last Generation”: From the perspective of Lishma [for her name], it is an emotional need. Admittedly, they are few, as it is written, “saw that the righteous are few… and planted them in every generation,” that they may have demand from birth. However, some abhor material life. If they do not accomplish the goal of adhesion, they will commit suicide.

A meaningless life is the most terrifying prison: you were placed into it against your will and you are obliged to exist in it. Today, humanity subconsciously feels global depression, sensing the uselessness of existence.

There are two forces acting here. One of them shows you that you are nothing, living without a purpose, and the second force should show you the correct path. For the majority of humanity this path does not exist. It is written that they do not have a head, only a suffering body. We, the Kabbalists, must be the head who will show humanity that there is such a way and will become a guide—Moses, leading humanity forward.

With ever-increasing suffering, the masses will realize that they need such a guide, and Moses appears only when such a need appears in humanity. And prior to that, the Kabbalistic group, which represents the head part of humanity, is being prepared.

Question: In this preparation, an individual must constantly feel the pressure of the group, resistance to this pressure, and on the other hand, agree with it, move forward together and work with the group. Is this how it constantly needs to be?

Answer: Yes. If this does not happen, then it must be created so that it happens. The individual must close his eyes and throw himself into the group, dissolve in it, until there is nothing left.

Question: During the period of the last generation, when the majority of people begins to act to bestow to others, will this help the small group that is the head part of humanity?

Answer: Of course. The masses will push them forward. Baal HaSulam wrote that there is great collective desire in the masses, and in the few righteous, there is only the connection with the Creator.

The first group is in great in quantity; the second, in quality. Therefore, the masses represent that great egoistic part that needs to be dragged forward. And that job is given to the righteous.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 12/19/17

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Competition And Hatred

laitman_547.05Question from Facebook: Human history is built on competition, which often turns into hatred. It is genetic. Do you really hope to change all that?

Answer: No. Competition is necessary. It is a very good tool for progress.

Question: And hatred?

Answer: Hatred depends on what it is for. Why would I hate my competitor if he helps me advance?

Everything depends on the goal. If the purpose is not to crush my competitor but to reach the goal, that is, the third party, and I only use the competitor to move forward, then he becomes a helper, a partner. It all depends on how we use the competition.

Nothing in the world is created needlessly. All qualities that in us are necessary and only for reaching the right goal in the right way.

Americans introduce competition in their companies on purpose because it facilitates various thoughts, gets people to engage, to not fall asleep, to search, etc. If everything were just fine, then it becomes “decaying socialism.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/1/18

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New Life #43 – Upgrading Relationships
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Couple and family relationships are given by nature to teach us how to create a feeling of love through the mind. These relationships teach us how to grow love above all transgressions. We learn how to rein in the natural human ego that evolves from generation to generation. In order to mature as a couple, we need to recognize our egoistic limits and those of our partner as well as learn how to put the brain above the heart (or ego). In other words, we make mutual concessions for each other and create space inside ourselves for our partner’s desires.
From KabTV’s “New Life #43 – Upgrading Relationships,” 7/30/12

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