Competition And Hatred

laitman_547.05Question from Facebook: Human history is built on competition, which often turns into hatred. It is genetic. Do you really hope to change all that?

Answer: No. Competition is necessary. It is a very good tool for progress.

Question: And hatred?

Answer: Hatred depends on what it is for. Why would I hate my competitor if he helps me advance?

Everything depends on the goal. If the purpose is not to crush my competitor but to reach the goal, that is, the third party, and I only use the competitor to move forward, then he becomes a helper, a partner. It all depends on how we use the competition.

Nothing in the world is created needlessly. All qualities that in us are necessary and only for reaching the right goal in the right way.

Americans introduce competition in their companies on purpose because it facilitates various thoughts, gets people to engage, to not fall asleep, to search, etc. If everything were just fine, then it becomes “decaying socialism.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/1/18

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