Envy, Lust, And Honor Bring One Out Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanStatement: Jealousy is a bad feeling. It changes one’s self-perception and forces us step by step to alter our character traits and mannerisms; it encourages us to copy our rival! Under the influence of our rivals, we start repeating their habits and discover their talents in ourselves.

We try to do this in the case when our partner shows interest in someone, or if an opponent is interested in our partner, and even if the latter is indifferent. Jealousy, as any fight, can become a strategy for our personal advancement if we manage to keep our emotions under control.

Comment: It is said: “Envy, lust, and honor bring one out of the world.” These three great fulfillments of our egoism serve as tremendous stimulators for our advancement. If we don’t have them in our lives, we have to elicit them. If we experience them, we have to be in control of them. The core thing is what we aim to achieve with their help!

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