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“The Ideal Framework for a Happy Existence” - @laitman

I just published “The Ideal Framework for a Happy Existence

“I have eyes but I don’t see” the true perfect state. The Creator fills the whole world, everything exists in love and mutual complementation. To see this, one need not destroy anything, but criticize one’s own vision instead. I cannot see my own flaws yet.

We don’t know what’s harmful until we reach the end of the path. This is why we must be patient toward all manifestations of society. Many things seem unacceptable because we’re not yet corrected. Upon reaching correction, we will see how these qualities compensate for the flaws.

We mustn’t destroy even the most harmful tendencies, but rather correct their application for the benefit of all. Society changes its judgments. We mustn’t destroy, but only correct to the aspiration toward unity, for “love to cover all transgressions.”

The friends are my soul. I demand of the Creator to make us one whole, above the differences that are being revealed. Love will cover all transgressions. If there is sufficient hatred and love to cover it, the Creator is revealed between them.

The goal is reached through unity. The first phase in correction is love of friends, and above it the second phase is built: love of the Creator.
Love is mutual integration to the point where the two cannot be torn apart, the transformation into a single desire (Soul, Shechinah)
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