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Humanity is gradually erasing its boundaries, becoming a melting pot that will need to learn how to share and respect common values by developing a sense of a common destiny. #MigrantCrisis
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We have a very small point, a spark that comes from a higher level than our animal existence. Due to this point awakening in us, we ask the questions: “What is the meaning of life?” and “What do we live for?”

… and won’t close its gates to immigrants and foreigners.”

As Yehuda Ashlag, one of the great Jewish sages of the 20th century, wrote in his book The Writings of the Last Generation, “The whole world is one family … and every country is obligated to ensure that it won’t detain citizens who come to another country …

There is still a long road ahead. A country should protect its frontiers, but humanity will continue developing to a state of one global family without borders. #ImmigrantChildren

…. the needs of our fellow man, and brings us to a realization that we depend on each other to not only succeed, but to survive.

This is not only relevant for #immigrants. As the world evolves, human society the world over will have to engage in a new process of learning and transformation, one that expands our perception of the world,

This situation is not limited to America. The United Nations Refugee Agency (#UNRA) reported this week that the total number of displaced people worldwide rose to a record 68.5 million last year. #ImmigrantChildren

No leader or organization today seems to know how to successfully handle immigrant integration into their respective countries and societies, because there is no clear understanding of what has led to such a large-scale displacement.

Those applying for a permanent status would need to enroll in absorption sessions to get deeply acquainted with the American society, the country’s history, social norms, culture, language and its laws.

A solid #ImmigrationReform that deters more people from breaking the law and encourages others to immigrate legally should start with an #educational plan.

Since interconnection between nations is growing, we need a global approach to the educational process to prepare our hearts for integral life all over the world. The aim of humanity is to live as one family, with no boundaries.
​#ImmigrantChildren #Immigration #Trump

From time to time, voices against #Kabbalah are heard.
But Kabbalah doesn’t impose itself on them.
If those who want to study it do so, what business is it of those who don’t want it?
This is obviously egoism—the desire to rule over another’s fate!
The desire for power!

After the breaking it’s impossible to unite with one another.
We must attain mutual inclusion 10 X 10, all 10 Sefirot in 10 secondary Sefirot and etc. In this form it’s possible to achieve correction where, with our limited forces, we attain infinite capacity.

The US has withdrawn from the #UN Human Rights Council. The reason isn’t criticism of Israel, but the UNHRC’s aim of dictating decisions by “dictatorship” countries to other countries. People are about to recognize the evil of man’s nature and then correct it through upbringing.

The USA #immigration policy, and then that of the whole world, should develop, besides the regular curriculum studying one’s country and society, training in the method of uniting people. This is part of the teaching of Kabbalah.
#ImmigrantChildren #Trump #separatingfamilies

Most important is mutual inclusion: to eliminate distances and connect to one goal that’s common to all, above each one’s opinion—above reason. This mutual inclusion leads to 620-fold multiplication, since it is correction of the breakage.
#Spiritualwork_ML #Kabbalah
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