The Higher Meaning Of Existence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Isn’t trying to be kind to others and changing the world just plain ethical or moral guidelines? Why do we need Kabbalah?

Answer: That’s incorrect. Kindness will not draw people toward eternity and perfection, and will not make people’s lives easier. You will not accomplish anything by starting to supply people with everything possible. They will remain on the same level and nothing good will come to them. You must give them the methodology for ascending to the upper world.

We exist in this world temporarily, in order to rise to the level of the Creator. If you want to do good for others—help them in this.

Question: Does that mean that the Kabbalists invented love your neighbor, unity, and connection?

Answer: Kabbalists did not invent it. They revealed it as being the upper law of nature. Since nature is integrated and global, everything within it is interconnected.

Question: In other words, they did not even presume that people would eventually just start helping each other?

Answer: People don’t do anything without ulterior motives. They act egotistically, believing that they are helping others. In this way they just calm themselves down.

Question: Then what did the Kabbalists mean when they revealed the laws of love and mutual guarantee? Doesn’t love your neighbor mean that you help him?

Answer: No! You must achieve a state when you feel your neighbor as yourself. And then the Creator will be revealed between you.

Revelation of the Creator is the higher meaning of our existence because through this we rise to the next, spiritual level of development. And our world exists only to push us toward this discovery.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/4/18

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