What Is The Stretching Of Time?

laitman_537Question: In the articles of Rabash it is written that the stretching of time along the spiritual root is related to the Klipot (impure forces). What is the stretching of time?

Answer: Actually, time does not exist. Everything that we are doing in the present moment is preprogrammed and already known.

Moreover, just as there is movement in a straight line from past to future, there is also movement in the reverse direction from future to past.

In principle, we can change the past from the future, just as in our world we are used to changing the future from the past. These are interconnected and interchangeable processes flowing in both directions.

In physics, for example, if we choose to measure either the electron or the wave, then by this choice we predetermine if it is as an electron or a wave.

In other words, I choose a measurement instrument now, and what I am planning to study already knows, from the past, what I am thinking and rearranges itself. And then I measure it either as a wave or as a discrete particle. But in Kabbalah, this happens in action.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/9/17

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