The Accelerated Pulse Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We all know that the feeling of time is very subjective. How can it be that when a person has to make an important decision, time is stretched so that a person goes through many states and can consider them?

Answer: That’s true, many people experience this phenomenon. Even in our ordinary life we sometimes feel that time is expanded and sometimes it flies and is compressed.

If I enjoy myself, time goes by unnoticed, and if I don’t enjoy myself, I cannot wait for the time to pass.

But time is even more subjective than we think. The question is whether we could feel time if we didn’t live according to our pulse which is 80-90 beats a minute, or according to our breathing cycle which is about 16-20 breaths a minute. If there weren’t the cycle of the seasons in the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, could we perceive time on the level of the speaking, in our feelings? Probably not.

Perhaps we perceive time the way we do because this is the way we exist on our physical, animate level that is influenced by our human perception of reality and determines our perception of life and reality. A person develops and feels the connection with his past, present, and his future.

In contrast to a human being, an animal lives in the present, but it is still somehow connected to the future and is able to feel it. Animals feel the future in a much clearer way than humans becaise they are connected to nature. All the possible future forms already exist in nature, but they are concealed from us.

If we manage to annul our desire to receive, we will be able to transcend from a subjective perception to a more objective perception of time, and then we will be able to feel the future. The only problem is that we are in our egoistic desire. But if we manage to overcome it and ascend above it, the concept of time, motion, and space can be completely inverted and not be an obstacle in our perception.

A person who tries to break free of the his ego and ascend above it begins to think that if the whole universe—all the matter of the still, vegetative, animate and the level of humans—are in a desire to receive, and so there must be a force against it, which means a desire to bestow and to fill that desire to receive. Then he wants to know this force and transcend from the level of the one who receives pleasure to the level of the one who wants to provide pleasure.

To ascend above our desire to receive means to ascend above our nature. Is it possible to exit the framework of the universe, to transcend the moment of the Big Bang, and return to the state that preceded it, to the force that created the creation?

Suddenly we realize that in order to do that, we don’t need to fly to distant stars or to explore other worlds. We will find all that right here, where we are, inside us. It is because a person perceives everything in a subjective manner. Therefore, when I work on the perception of my reality, on my attitude towards what is going on here and now, I can perform exercises by which I will be able to ascend above my desire to receive, because nothing exists but me and everything exists only in my perception.

I will be able to control my desire to receive, to exit and restrict it, which means that I won’t allow it to operate egoistically, but rather I transform it into the force that motivates me.

Ascending above my desire to receive means acquiring a desire to bestow, the source from which the desire is filled. The desire to bestow is the force that caused the Big Bang and provided the spark from which our universe developed. This is the force that created all of matter and fills it.

In fact, this force is everywhere since it sustains and operates matter, but is concealed from us. We only perceive its outcomes, the force of attraction and rejection. Every action takes place as a result of that force, that spark of upper energy that is the source of life.

As long as I exist in my ego, time is my pulse that is totally subjective and exists only as long as I am alive. But if I want to ascend above time, then there is no problem, as all I have to do is simply ascend above my desire.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/17/14

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