The Goal Of The Future Society

laitman_938.03Question: If ordinary people understand that they should unite for the importance of the goal, they will be able to work correctly with their egoistic nature. What is this goal?

Answer: Many people restrain themselves somewhat in order to work with others to achieve a beneficial goal. If I enter into a partnership with someone, I understand that I limit myself, my opinion, possibly the result, my profit, etc. I have no other choice. There is a very clear, direct egoistic benefit.

In the beginning, it should be that way in both ordinary and Kabbalistic relationships. There is no difference between them because both always start with simple egoism.

But then, by working together according to the Kabbalistic method, I gradually start to feel two opposite forces in this work.

On one hand, my ego greatly resists moving forward. On the other hand, in business, it may not be so. To the contrary, in business, my ego agrees that we should unite and go forward because the ego always weighs the possible future outcomes, such as wealth or completion of a project.

In our case, it doesn’t work that way. We feel increasing resistance from the ego. Why? It is in order to elevate the goal in our eyes—that the goal will always be a level higher than the ego’s resistance. Meanwhile, we reach a state where we try our best to elevate the goal and struggle to make it more important than our ego.

Here, mutual guarantee and the influence of the surrounding upper force are very important. By acting correctly, we receive the strength to remain connected with each other until we are transformed into one common desire, one common intention, in which the sensation of the upper force appears according to the extent of our unity.

This sensation is the action of this force. We connect with each other and with this force. This state is called the next, spiritual level of our existence.

Question: Who can tolerate this, except a person with a point in the heart?

Answer: Everyone has a point in the heart that will gradually develop. In addition, a person sees what is happening in the world around him: constant stress, failure, drugs, and so on. Kabbalah provides us with a profound science about humanity’s ascent.

Question: Is the seriousness of this science understood through a person’s efforts to unite? In business, everything is clear: millions, billions of dollars attract people to it.

Answer: Here, too, we can measure the greatness of the goal in millions and billions, but in relative units, not money.

Question: What does the measurement of the goal mean for a Kabbalist?

Answer: There are 125 steps to achieve this goal. At each step, it is achieved at a certain degree. The ultimate goal becomes increasingly clearer with each step. It is felt qualitatively higher and the aspiration to it grows accordingly.
From Kab TV’s The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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