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#Soccer is mankind’s religion.
Instead of quarrels and wars, it’s better for people to play. It’s important to add different interactions—to make the game non-egoistic.
If after the game the players had a festive dinner, embracing and intermixing, it’d be a good sign of development.

The Ideal Framework for a Happy Existence“ - @laitman  #hapiness

As explained by Kabbalist Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) in his article “From My Flesh I Shall See God.”

“The connection between the body and the soul is only that in the former, things happen to it naturally and by themselves, and in the latter they happen through work and joint relation between the spiritual and the corporeal.”

Only while we’re alive in this world is our spiritual advancement possible. So what happens when you die? Very simply, if we do not make efforts to develop a soul in our lifetime, we keep reincarnating.

My near death experience from 1998 @BINAlerts

From Twitter, 6/28/18

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