My Thoughts On Twitter 6/8/18

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Everything comes from awareness of the greatness of the goal. In it, we will all unite and the spiritual system will come to life between us. Its light will fill and connect us into one net. In that net, we will reveal the One who created and shaped it—the Creator.

All problems that I experience are signs of lack of balance with nature.
If I take a step toward balance with the forces of nature, I will feel at rest since I will be in a state of balance with the laws of nature. Balance is the aim of our development.
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Therefore, while many analysts typically claim that #Trump is creating tension and conflicts, he actually stands in the way of global players who further global #instability.

#Trump’s moves, while aiming to safeguard America’s competitive edge, represent an opposite approach to global affairs, tearing down international connections or preventing them from strengthening. #MAGA #MAGA2018

They create the facade of #economic progress in some developing countries, but in reality, most of the profits go to the elites, and most of the burden falls on the masses. #poverty

My latest #Opinion @newsmax:
“Ruling elites are attempting to lock in their financial control by making various international trade agreements, which ultimately strip the people of the world from their wealth.” #inequality

From Twitter 6/8/18

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