My Thoughts On Twitter 6/5/18

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Happiness amounts to conflict resolution. We don’t perceive it otherwise. Give a person everything, and he’ll still be miserable. One must experience qualities that are opposite to happiness. You can’t have happiness without conflicts, and conflicts—without aspiring to happiness

It is written that one must search like a bent-down old man—but search for unity, rather than evil. Only by properly aiming at unity will we feel hatred, repulsion for it. We’ll be forced to face our debility and the need to turn to the Creator—”Help us!” #Spiritualwork_ML

We see our reflection in everyone since we perceive everything in our ego. We see the world the way we depict it to ourselves. In reality, I see white light before me, the perfect quality of bestowal/#love. On this background, I draw my own qualities—my reflection outside of me.

The soul’s correction lies in uniting bestowing desires in the group.
When we truly unite, we feel the act of bestowal, the Kli and the Creator filling it.
The ten can be either permanent or random.
What matters is the struggle to unite in spite of egoism.
From Twitter 6/5/18

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